Watts, George

George Watts chymist of the Strand proposed Society for Constitutional Information 4.5.1792 by Frederick Charles Walsh 2nded John Horne Tooke
George Watts (Lowndes 1784) chymist 469 Strand. An unusually well-sourced Ancestry user-submitted tree (Adams/Homeyard) shows he was born 18.4.1755 Chard Somerset son of William (died 1788) and Dinah (nee Vivers). His brothers Charles died 1822 and Gilbert Henry died 1830, his grandfather Henry died 1770. Another Ancestry user-submitted tree (RTDeaton) which I haven't checked and the two trees seem unaware of each other, suggests his grandfather Henry may have been of part Cherokee ancestry in Virginia. He married at St Martin i t F 22.12.1784 Ann Kezia Jenkinson (she was buried St M i t F 18.6.1809) witness Lora Watts (his sister). He was a steward 1785 of the Westminster General Dispensary (chair Charles James Fox DNB 1749-1806). He voted 1784 Hood & Wray, 1788 Hood, 1790 Fox & Hood, 1796 Fox & Tooke, 1802 Fox & Gardner, 1818 Burdett & Romilly (so a relatively cautious radical). He was buried at St Martin i t F 21.12.1835 age 80 from Kentish Town and his will dated 11.9.1833 proved PCC 30.1.1836 formerly of Strand chymist now of Kentish Town mentioned a vase presented him by the London Water Works Company for special services, 3 sons David John, George Frederick (not the famous artist) and Septimus, and 3 daughters Mary Ann wife of James Smith, Harriet Maria wife of Alfred Baker, and Amelia Kezia Watts, (his sister) Lora Bryant widow of Wells Somerset, and Michael Prendergast of Kentish Town gent