4.12.1807 call on West / 5.12.1807 again / 28.3.1811 write to West / 12.7.1811 West of Cork calls / 13.7.1811 again / 1.1.1812 write to West / 20.3.1812 write to West / 23.4.1812 write to West (Cork) / 29.6.1812 write to West / 28.11.1812 again / 13.3.1813 again / 4.10.1813 again / 7.3.1814 write to West-Grinstead / 12.12.1814 call on S West / 24.11.1815 call on West (Leather-seller) 
The first two West entries above in 1807 might have been an attorney, as Godwin was perhaps active in helping his friend William Nicholson who got out of debtor's prison on 5.12.1807 after seven months. Possible attornies were (from Holdens 1811) William West 14 New Boswell-ct Lincolns-inn / West, Witshire and Bolton (qv) 34 Old Broad-st / Samuel Calne West clerk of Cheap Ward 35 Bucklersbury / Thos West Wapping. The West written to five (or six?) times may have been the same as West (Cork) or not. West of Cork was very likely William West 1770-1854, in Cork 1808-1830 (British Book Trade Index). William West 24 St Brides-lane currier and leather seller SunFire 1810 may have been West leather seller. Other possibles for the West written to: William West circulating library 13 Exeter-st Strand from at leasy 1811, pioneer of juvenile drama, his will PCC 6.12.1854 (British Book Trades Index) / Thos West stationer 18 London-st Fitzroy-sq Holdens 1811 (but for those last two living in London why would Godwin write and not call?) / William West, Pelham-house Academy, Hackney. For S West and West-Grinstead I have no suggestions yet.