Wharton, John

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19.5.1793 Seward, Knight, Goring, Wathen at Tooke's / 1.11.1794 Wharton at Hardy's trial.
Although Wathen could have been Jonathan Wathen, noncomformist surgeon of Walbrook, or Josiah Iles Wathen, special pleader Middle Temple, Wharton came (inserted above the line) directly after Seward and Goring in 1793 in Godwin's 1796 list, so this was very likely John Wharton (History of Parliament) 1765-1843. Wharton also appeared twice in the 1796 list for 1794, both times crossed out, and neither time coded to John Wharton's person record in GD website. In the 1794 version of the 1796 list he appeared at the end of 1794. My suggestion is that Godwin compiled his lists by looking back through his diary, and his mis-spelling of the name first time confused him
John Warton member for Beverley proposed Society for Constitutional Information 28.3.1794 by John Horne Tooke 2nd John Pearson.
1st son of Joseph William Hall (afterwards Stevenson) of Skelton, Yorks, who died 1786. Took name of Wharton 1788 on succeeding to £150,000 plus lands from his aunt Margaret Wharton. Won Beverly by landslide 1790. Boyle's 1792 John Wharton Esq MP Old Palace Yard. In May 1796 Wharton presided over anniversary meeting of the Constitutional Society at Crown & Anchor but adjourned meeting when Thelwall advocated equalisation of property. He died 29.5.1843 after 15 years in Kings Bench prison. Thale p 207n37 suggestion that Wharton testified against Tooke at his trial in 1794, but although he was in the very long list of potential crown witnesses he doesn't appear to have testified in the trial.