Wilcocke, Samuel

sup at Cooper's w. Wilcocke's 19.10.1795 / Wilcocke at theatre 3.9.1796 / call w. Cooper on Wilcocke 12.9.1796 / E P Cooper's funeral, Wilcocke jr 24.2.1803 / Cooper & Wilcocke call 2.4.1803 / Cooper & Wilcocke dine 5.4.1803 / dine at H(annah) G(odwin)'s w. G M C(ooper), mrs & Geo. Wilcocke / 22.1.1804 Dr Wilcocke dies / 2.2.1804 Wilcocke calls / dine at L Knapp's w. Wilcocke, G M C(ooper) 17.2.1804 / Wilcocke dines 18.2.1804 / mrs Wilcocke dies 27.2.1805 / Wilcocke at tea 25.3.1805 / G Wilcocke invité 1.1.1807 / G Wilcocke adv. at G M C(ooper)'s 13.3.1807 / G Wilcocke invité 28.3.1807 / G Wilcocke calls 30.3.1807 / G Wilcocke adv at dinner 9.4.1807 / G Wilcocke & G M C(ooper) sup 1.6.1807 / G Wilcocke, G M C(ooper) dine 4.6.1807 / meet G Wilcocke 5.6.1807 / S H Wilcocke calls 21.12.1807 / S H Wilcocke breakfasts 22.12.1807 / Wilcocke calls (not seen) 18.5.1809 / Wilcocke calls 12.6.1809 / S H Wilcocke calls (not seen) 30.8.1809 / meet Wilcocke 19.9.1809 / Call on G M C(ooper) (adv. mrs Wilcocke) 28.2.1810 / call on G M C9ooper) (not seen) (adv. miss Wilcocke) 17.3.1810 / S Wilcocke & sister call (not seen) 23.3.1810 / Funeral G M C(ooper) w. S & G Wilcocke 25.3.1810 / mrs Saml Wilcocke calls 14.12.1820
Priscilla Ray, younger sister of Grace Mary Cooper, married Samuel Wilcock on 25.8.1767 at St George Gravesend. As well as 2 children who died in infancy, they baptised 3 chidren at Princes Street Independent Chapel, Gravesend: Theodosia Catherine on 20.6.1768; Samuel Hull on 30.9.1770; and Ray on 28.8.1774. In Godwin's diary Samuel Hull and a sister (perhaps Theodosia) appeared, and George (probably another son of Samuel and Priscilla). At Samuel Wilcock's ordination in 1762 the charge was given by Thomas Gibbons (DNB 1720-1785). Wilcock was minister at Gravesend till 1775 when he became minister of the Scots Church at Myddleburg in the Netherlands and returned to England when it was taken by the French in 1794. He was buried at Hackney St Leonard on 28.1.1804 of Kingsland Road aged 70, his widow Priscilla was buried there 23.3.1805 of St Luke's, Middlesex aged 59.
Samuel Hull Wilcocke, writer aged 66 died at Quebec, Canada on 2.7.1833 and was buried at the Anglican Cathedral. He married Sarah Jacoba De Moulin at Middleburg on 29.4.1792. At St Pancras on 25.1.1797 Emilia Josephina, dau of Samuel Hull Wilcocke and his wife Sarah Jacoba was baptised. At St James, Toxteth Park, Liverpool on 9.7.1800 their son Henry Ray was baptised (abode Nile Street, merchant). Samuel Hull Wilcocke was also the plaintiff in 4 Chancery suits in 1805, shortly after the death of his parents (Nat Arch C13/60/19, 31,35 & 43 & c13/54/40). He was in debtor's prison in 1805 to 1806 and again in 1812. A letter of 1812 from S H Wilcocke to Henry Addington seeking pecuniary assistance is at (Devon Record Office 152M/C1812/OA102). According to his entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography he went to Canada in 1817 perhaps because of domestic troubles and was joined there in 1819 by a woman he later married; the call in 1820 on Godwin by Mrs Saml Wilcocke was presumably his first wife who died in 1822 according to an Ancestry user-submitted tree