Woollams, William

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale page 87
Thos Woollams of Barbers Co. took apprentice William Woollams 1756
William Woollams = St Andrew by the Wardrobe 20.9.1773 Catherine Cox both of St Ann Blackfriars banns sigs wits Joseph & Sarah Knight
Susanna dau of William & Catherine Woollams bapt 28.2.1774 St Clement Danes buried there 3.1.1775 consumption
William son of William & Catherine Woollams bapt 3.5.1775 St Clement Danes
James son of William & Catherine Woollams bapt 26.6.1778 St Clement Danes
rate books Exeter Court 1769 to 1779 Woollams
rate books Water Street 1782 to 1803
SunFire 1785 perukemaker Water St 
Old Bailey 3.11.1786 Water St
voted 1790 Fox hairdresser Water St
will PCC 11.11.1803 William Woollams of Milford Lane hairdresser dated 11.10.1803 mentioned Brotherly Society, sons William & James, exec Hugh Richards carver & gilder of Strand, St Clement Danes. wits Christopher Jordan 43 John St Blackfriars, John Cooper Water St Strand
burials not found, perhaps at Savoy precinct?