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20.10.1810 mrs Wyman calls / 22.10.1810 Wyman calls / 5.11.1810 mrs Wyman calls / 11.12.1810 again / 1.1.1811 again / 15.1.1811 call on Wyman (not seen) / 4.3.1811 Wyman calls / 5.3.1811 mrs Wyman calls

These entries can be read as Godwin wavering between using mrs or not for one female, or as alternating between a male and a female Wyman, in this case perhaps a widow and her stepson (see below)..

Only London entry for Wyman in Holdens directory 1811 Francis Wyman calenderer 71 Queen-st Cheapside. (A calenderer smoothed paper or cloth by pressing it through rollers).

SunFire: 1811 Mary Wyman & Henry Dover 19 Wellington-st Pentonville / 1821 Paul Wyman 1 King-st Goswell-st broker of household goods / 1824 William Wyman 87 Goswell-st silversmith

Old Bailey 11.4.1810 Robert Wyman shoemaker 51 Grays Inn-lane partner Joseph Hodges

Francis Wyman married Mary Dover 1788 at Aston Birmingham. His will PCC 1792 callenderer of Queen-st Cheapside mentioned his wife Mary and son Francis John (1763-1845)