Young, Charles Mayne

HCR Diary
23.1.1822 at the Aders "Charles Young the tragedian was there - a very agreeable man - his manner gentlemanly - his conversation lively nor could he be suspected of being a player"
                 31.10.1822 at Aders "Ch: Young among others - he did not please me as before. He was loud even vociferous - his talk political commonplace - an effort at saying odd things, but his humour coarse"
                 19.12.1822 "at Aders to dinner - Young and the Pauncefotes there - the Lambs came at eight - I like Young less and less as I see more of him - The party was made that he and L: should see each other but L: was sent down to Whist soon after he came and Young went soon after. They did not speak to each other"
                 21.12.1822 at Aders where "Coleridge was the star" "Young was of the party - he was quiet, none of his efforts at boyish fun"
                   8.11.1824 at Aders "Ch: Young also there, but he seemed to think himself out of place and did not talk"
Charles Mayne Young (DNB 1777-1856). His son Julian Charles Young was visiting the Aders at Godesberg in 1828 when Wordsworth and Coleridge were there, see his Memoirs of Charles Mayne Young (1871) vol 1 p 174
3.5.1812  Poole's, music, Youngs surgeon, C Young / 16.10.1830 Judkin calls, R R & Julian Young / 16.5.1834 La. Stepney's; Young actor
see my entry for Young on this website for Thomas Young, Charles Mayne Youngs' father