Adair, William Jones

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Jones Adair proposed member 27.5.1785 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Paradise

GODWIN DIARY: Adair 4.1.1789 at B Hollis' / 13.2.1790 at Anti-Tests / 23.5.1790 at Paradise's

WJAdair appeared in Godwin's 1796 list at start of 1789 so this must have been William Jones Adair, born about 1747 son of William and Margaret Jones of Pall Mall, went to Peterhouse Cambridge and Lincolns Inn, took surname Adair after inheriting £5000 from William Adair in 1783. He married Charlotte Harwood at St James Piccadilly in 1791. He appeared in the Law List as counsel at 3 Soho Sq from 1785 to 1800, he was on the electoral register there in 1802 and 1806, and Bury & Norwich Post of 13.11.1811 reported his house broken into and robbed of goods worth over £800. He was probably the Adair at the Anti-Tests on 13.2.1790, as Serjeant James Adair (DNB 1743? - 1798) was an ambivalent Whig at best, and Robert Adair  (DNB 1763-1855) was probably abroad by then and also appeared in the 1796 list for 1796. The Adair at Paradise's on 23.5.1790 could have been James Adair as he was a Fellow of the Royal Society like most of Paradise's guests but if so he didn't make the 1796 list, and the fact that Paradise seconded W J Adair's membership of SCI in 1785 suggests they had some connection. William Adair had dropped the Jones before he was buried 24.3.1819 Norwich Cathedral age 70 will PCC 17.4.1820 of Trowse Newton, Norfolk. which mentioned his wife Charlotte, William Noble of Foley Pl Westminster, Robert Alderson of Norwich, Elizabeth Loose and her daughter Mary Ann, and was witnessed by P M Martineau and Daniel Bloom, handwriting sworn to by Richd Barwick of Mount Terr Lambeth gent and Wm Wade of Elizabeth Pl Lambeth

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James Loose = 1798 Sutton Cambs Elizabeth Browne, dau Mary Ann bapt 1800