Allnutt, Zackry

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MILL VOTERS 1802. Zackry Allnutt of Twickenham

Zachary Allnutt = 4.7.1802 Twickenham Mary Haynes / Zachary Allnutt & Hamilton Strickland milliners of Twickenham took appr Dorothy Cole 20.8.1802 3 yrs £42 premium / Zachary John Allnutt of Zachary & Mary bapt 3.7.1803 Twickenham (Zachary John Allnutt 1861 census 2 Cranley Terr Kensington age 58 optician & misc dealer) / Morning Chronicle 20.9.1803 Zachary Allnutt steward of dinner at Crown & Anchor, Strand, celebrating the anniversary of Middlesex election. Albion Cooper (QV*) another mill voter was also a steward along with MPs like Charles James Fox and Samuel Whitbread / Twickenham Land Tax 1809 Zachary Allnutt /  Old Bailey 20.9.1809 Zachary Allnutt plumber of Twickenham prosecuted his journeyman Francis Shepherd Wheeler for stealing brass cocks on the evidence of William Marshall, ironmonger of Brentford to whom the prisoner's wife had offered to sell them, Not Guilty / Zachary Allnutt  wid = 5.4.1812 Mary Ann Barnett sp by lic wit Eleanor Haynes 

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Zachary Allnutt of Henley 1802, his older brother Henry Allnutt of Marlow gent deceased, their parents Henry A of Henley & Catherine nee Argles, he married 1807 Charlotte Howell of Reading, sp. / 1813 ZA of Henley surveyed register of barges. / 1796, 1800 ZA & Abraham Darby of Cookham Berks, brewers. / 1829 ZA re Marlow Bridge. / SunFire 1777,1778 ZA draper & broker Maidenhead 1781 gent, Ray Mill, Cookham. / wills PCC 1718, 1764, 1789 / ZA 1749 Carpenters Coy London / ZA = 13.5.1763 St Jas Piccy Sarah Bolin