Ward, William

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WILLIAM WARD 1766-1826
CURRENT TEXT "he married the artist Maria Morland,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <he married the artist Maria Morland (1764-1832),>
NOTES Maria Ward of Winchester Row St Marylebone age 54 buried 5.3.1832 at Paddington Green St Mary. Her son Martin Theodore Ward exhibited from Winchester Row in the 1820s (Graves, RA,& British Institution). The age given is 14 years too young, but it stll seems a very likely identification.
CURRENT TEXT "Martin Theodore Ward (c.1799-1874), painter, was William Ward's eldest son."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <William and Maria Ward had at least five daughters and four sons. Martin Theodore Ward (1802-1874), painter, their second son, was born 22 November 1802.>
CURRENT TEXT "William James Ward (c.1800-1840), printmaker, the second son of William Ward, was"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <William James Ward (1798-1840), printmaker, the eldest son of William Ward, was born on 9 July 1798. He was>
NOTES see St Marylebone baptisms, particularly 13 July 1803