Dagley, Richard

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CURRENT TEXT "Dagley, Richard (d.1841), genre painter and engraver, was an orphan and was educated at"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Dagley, Richard(1761-1841), genre painter and engraver, was born on 30 December 1761 and baptised on 29 January 1762 at St Margaret's, Westminster, son of Samuel Dagley, citizen of London in the Curriers' Company, and his wife Ann. His father was buried at St Andrew Holborn on 12 February 1762, and his mother married Roger Peck in 1765. On 8 March 1770 he was admitted to>
NOTES London Metropolitan Archives MS18218/10 and MS18218A/42, Christs Hospital admissions. He was presented by Henry Hoare Esq and discharged on 8.1.1777 by his brother Robert Dagley of Rathbone Place. Roger Peck married Ann Dagley widow 20.6.1765 at St Bride Fleet St
CURRENT TEXT "apprenticed to Thomas Cousens,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <apprenticed in 1777 to Stephen Cousen (c.1737-1830),>
NOTES Nat Arch IR1 apprenticeship tax records. Stephen Cousen jeweller of Portland Street voted in elections 1774, 1784 and 1790 and was buried 11.6.1830 at St Mary Abbots Kensington age 93 abode Earls Court (i.e. living in Dagley's house, see Mrs Hofland's obituary of Dagley)
CURRENT TEXT "The couple had two sons, Edward (b.1790) and Richatd (b.1791)."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <The couple had six or more children but only their daughter Elizabeth Frances Dagley(1788-1853) survived to adulthood; she became a writer of childrens' books and lived with her father until his death.>
NOTES Barbara Hofland's obituary in Art Union May 1841 says ten children, the six I have found were Robert Samuel son of Richard & Elizabeth Dagley born 29.7.1786 baptised St James, Westminster 29.8.1786 / Elizabeth Frances baptised there 29.5.1788 / Edward born 2.1.1790 baptised St Anne, Soho 31.1.1790 / Richard baptised St Paul Covent Garden 12.6.1791 / Sophia Ann baptised St James Westminster 2.9.1792 / Ann born 2.10.1793 baptised there 14.11.1793. The changing parishes of baptism align with Dagley's addresses given in Graves RA exhibitors. 'The Birthday', 'Fairy Favours', 'The Village Nightingale', 'The Young Seer' by Elizabeth Frances Dagley published 1828-1834, 1841 census 5 Earls Court Terrace, her will Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1853
CURRENT TEXT "school in Doncaster, but was back in London from 1815."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <school in Doncaster, where he was friends with the artist *John Raphael Smith* who sketched him there in 1809 and whose will he witnessed in 1812. He was back in London from 1815.>
NOTES Will of John Raphael Smith Preerogative Court of Canterbury 1812. Portrait of Dagley by Smith in NPG library
CURRENT TEXT "Dagley died in 1841."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Dagley died at his home, Earls Court Terrace, Brompton, and was buried at St Mary Abbots, Kensington on 8th April 1841. His obituary in Art Union of May 1841 was written by *Barbara Hofland* who had known him since his time in Doncaster.>

Jan 2015 the DNB has adopted some of my suggestions and have credited my website in the Sources. The references to J R Smith and Barbara Hofland have been omitted, in my view these interconnections between biographies should be the most valuable part of DNB. The name of his master is still incorrectly given as Thomas Cousens