Flaxman, John

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JOHN FLAXMAN (1755-1826)
CURRENT TEXT "his marriage in 1782 to Ann Denman"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his marriage at St Anne's Soho on 6th June 1781 to Ann Denman>

January 2015 the DNB has adopted my suggested change but not credited me in the references

SWEDENBORGIANS: Flaxman was one of the attenders at the Theosophical Society from 1783 mentioned in William White's Emanuel Swedenborg vol 2 p599-600. The DNB article doesn't mention his connection to Swedenborg except by footnote reference to his correspondence at Swedenborg Society, London. His obituary in the Intellectual Repository for the New Church 1826 p438 states that "When the Chapel, then called the Temple, in Cross Street, Hatton Garden, was the scene of the ministrations of Mr Joseph Proud, Mr. F. was an active member of the Committee for conducting its affairs: but, among the circumstances connected with Mr. P.'s removal to York Street, were some, we regret to sy, which gave a wound to the tender feelings of Mr. F, and occasioned his withdrawal." It also states that he continued up till his decease to be a contributor to the funds of the London Society for Printing the Writings of (Swedenborg).