My Life

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Introduction to a dataset

I'm adding in a sort of autobiography to my website. The background artcles Astrology and Overview of My History Project are also relevant to this. I decided to make one entry in A-Z of Names and Addresses for each year of my life, so they will come under Pope, Edward Christopher 1992 (for example) in the My Life dataset. I also decided to pick years at random from a hat and write them up now and then. I happened to come up with year 1 first and decided to make a single entry for the first three years of my life. I then moved on to the randomly chosen year 1995. I've changed the names of people whose privacy I thought might be compromised. This project may well be replaced again by my new website Mapping The Past ( At present this is just a record of performances at Oxford's Catweazle Club, a weekly acoustic platform for poets, musicians, &c that has been going since 1994. But the website is designed to be a form of collective autobiographical calendar similar to the Godwin Diary (QV*)