Coghlan, Rev.

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Rev Coghlan proposed Society for Constitutional Information 26.2.1790 by Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe

Lucius Coghlan BA Trinity Coll Dublin 1773 Doctor of Divinity there 1797 / SunFire 1788 Revd Lucius Coghlan, 7 Fitzroy St, Rathbone Pl / subscr 1787 to Works of John Jebb 1789 to poems of Thomas Skelton Dupuis (see his father DNB Thomas Sanders Dupuis 1733-1796) 1790 to Rev Henry Murray's Evidences (publ Dublin) 1793 to English/Welsh Dictionary (of Fitzroy Place) / Lucius Coghlan = St Leonard's Shoreditch 22.6.1795 Jane Bisshopp (she was the only dau of William Atkinson Esq of Pall Mall and married first Edward Bisshopp eminent army agent) and Coghlan helped bring up her son Sir George Bisshopp, dean of Lismore / Nat Arch C 13/2838/27 & 2841/16 Chancery suit 1804 Lucius Coghlan & another v Stephen Drew, Charles & Samuel Watkins / The Fall of David, a Sermon preached at All Saints Chapel, Bath 4.3.1810 by Rev Lucius Coghlan (he published it to refute allegations that it had bordered on obscenity) / 1812 Coghlan was Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Modern Freemasons (see Samuel Wesley by Philip Olleson) / Morning Post 23.3.1805 ad for lost notebook Rev Dr Coghlan 16 Northumberland St / SunFire 1807 Revd Lucius Coghlan DD 26 Northumberland Sf, Marylebone 1810 10 Middlesex Pl Lisson Green 1827 26 Devonshire St, Portland Pl / bur 19.1.1833 St Marylebone of 28 Devonshire St age 83 / will PCC 16.3.1833