Clarkson, William

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Rev W Clarkson proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 22.6.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded John Frost

24.9.1828 London Consistory Court Elizabeth Huxtable widow of 105 Minories sister of Rev William Clarkson late of Beaumont Row, Mile End, St Dunstan, Stepney who died 9.7.1828 a bachelor intestate without parents living, took admon under £3000 / William Clarkson of Beaumont Place age 66 buried St Pancras 13.7.1828 / will PCC 2.3.1818 of William Huxtable shipwright of Spring St, Shadwell dated 6.3.1817 mentioned wife Elizabeth children Joseph, Edward & Elizabeth. I couldn't find Rev William Clarkson in Alum Ox, Alum Cantab, Alum Dubl, Glasgow or Edinburgh, Foster's, Surman Index, Seminary Priests, Gale Newspapers or Eighteenth Century Online - an elusive character

Rob Cannon (not verified)

Fri, 20/05/2016 - 05:12

Elizabeth Clarkson, William Clarkson's sister, married firstly Richard Dudderidge, and secondly Anthony Dallyn Huxtable. Untangling what seems to be two Clarkson families in Middlesex/Kent around 1800 is proving quite a challenge.