Chalk, John

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John Chalk jr of Canterbury proposed Society for Constitutional Information 19.10.1792 by Thomas Clio Rickman 2nded Sharpe (presumably one of the two William Sharpes in SCI)

1772 The Kentish Companion, John Chalk master of the Endeavour hoy from Whitstable to Wool-Key, London / 1781 John Chalk, Canterbury subscr to Edmund Rack's essays / Bailey's 1784 John Chalk hop merchant & hoyman, Canterbury / John Chalk, jr of Canterbury subscr to T C Rickman's Fallen Cottage 1786 / John Chalk of Canterbury in List of the Society for Abolition of the Slave Trade 1788  / John Chalk Canterbury 1789 five shares in Leeds & Liverpool canal / John Chalk, Canterbury joined Whig Club 10.11.1789 seceded by 1799 / will PCC of John Chalk hoyman of Canterbury proved 21.6.1794 / Bury & Norwich Post 27.1.1808 John Chalk secretary to Atlas Insurance Company, Cornhill, London