Constable, Charles

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Charles Constable of Portman Square proposed Society for Constitutional Information 6.7.1792 by John Frost 2nded Thomas Simmons

See Herries in Burke's Peerage. Born 25.3.1764 son of William Haggerston Constable & Winifred (nee Maxwell) granddaughter of William Maxwell (DNB 1676-1744), this (probably Catholic) family changed their surnames frequently, Charles Constable's father was born William Haggerston, Charles's elder brother became Marmaduke Haggerston Constable Maxwell, and Charles Constable himself became Charles Haggerston Constable Stanley on his marriage in 1793 to Miss Stanley. He was adm Inner Temple 28.1.1789 and he was presumably the subscriber 1794 to the Poems of William Julius Mickle (DNB1734/5-1788) as Charles Constable of the Inner Temple. Boyle's Court Guide 1792 had Hugerston Constable at 3 Portman Sq 1793-4 Maxwell Constable there and 1799 Constable Esq at 8 Fig Tree Court, Temple. Charles Constable bach youngest son of William Maxwell Constable of Everingham, Yorks = Marylebone 29.7.1793 Elizabeth Stanley spinster sister to the late William Stanley of Hooton, Cheshire, London Gazette 3.8.1793 permission to assume name of Stanley. His wife died  23.6.1797 and he married Mary Macdonald 24.2.1800 (Burke's). His father's will PCC 1797 William Maxwell Constable of Everingham dated 1.7.1794 and witnessed by Francis Plowden of Grays Inn (DNB 1749-1829). According to Inner Temple records Charles Constable was called to the bar 26.1.1833, probably as he was then allowed to as a Catholic. He died 14.9.1844 as Charles Haggerston Stanley Constable age 80 (Morning Post 19.9.1844). He was perhaps the attorney Charles Constable of 10 Symonds Inn c1800-1820, also said to have been employed by Charles Grey (DNB 1764-1845) in 1816 (lost the source for this note). Morning Post 18.4.1808 advertised publication of A Review of the Question of Catholic Emancipation by C Stanley Constable Esq.