Aldebert, Isaac senior

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HCR diary 5.11.1816 "called early on Aders" (discussion re: Jameson & Aldebert)

Marquardt vol 1 p24 n14. Isaak Aldebert born 3.4.1762 Erlangen died 3.10.1817 London. Apprenticed to Jonas Darfeld, merchant of Frankfurt, at the same time as Carl Cornelius Souchay and Franz Perret. In 1776 Darfeld married Katherina Elisabeth Mylius (1753-1832) thirty years his junior, with whose brothers Peter Friedrich Mylius and Johann Jakob Mylius (1756-1835) he started a firm in 1784. In 1786 the couple divorced and Darfeld left the firm, then Aldebert became partner to the Mylius brothers and married Katherina Elisabeth, nine years his senior. They had no children. Henry Crabb Robinson met Aldebert in 1799 through his friend William Jameson, a clerk with Robinson's friend the merchant John Towill Rutt (DNB 1760-1841), and Aldebert gave Robinson his first chance to go to Germany. Aldebert often came to England, living in Manchester from 1800 to 1803, and he was naturalised in 1801, but with his partners C C Becher and J Hargreaves he went bankrupt in 1811. He had (four?) children (see Isaac Aldebert junior QV*) by a mistress, Dorothea Maria Catharina Kruckenberg (1787-1868) who married Charles Cooper in London in 1820 after Aldebert's death. Aldebert's childless wife adopted two of the children of her brother Johann Jakob, Carl born 1790 and Susanna Katharina or "Nanny" (1793-1884). Robinson became Aldebert's executor but I haven't found the will

HCR diary 1.8.1835 at sale of Aders' pictures "I bought by his advice the two pictures which many years ago Mr Adalbert gave him viz:- Two landscapes by Schneider Scenes on the Rhine"