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3.8.1794 calls (&Ritson), / 12.8.1794 sup at Adams's / 27.8.1794 again (adv Zenobio) / 22.11.1794 at Tooke's trial / 28.3.1795 sup at Adams' / 9.6.1795 call on (after miss G) / 28.8.1795 call on (then sup at miss G's) / 30.12.1795 Adams jr at Newton's / 19.3.1796 sup at Adams' (after call on miss G) / 2.8.1801 Adams at Hill's

Joseph Adams DNB 1755x7-1818 was born 20.7.1756. son of Joseph & Susannah (dau of Timothy Rogers) (Dr Williams Registry 16.1.1760). He was proposed for Socy Const Info 6.2.1784 by Henry Amory, 2nded John Jebb. Count Zenobio's presence on 27.8.1795 as a fellow SCI member makes the Dr Joseph Adams attribution look likely, which further suggests that the other sup at Adams' entries were him also. Living in Basinghall St he was near miss Godwin in Cullum St and Godwin combined their calls three times. In GD website 3.8.1794 & 22.11.1794 have been coded to Daniel Adams, but the call of 3.8.1794 being not long before the first sup seems likely to have been Joseph inviting Godwin. Another candidate for 22.11.1794 Tooke's trial, was William Adams, reporter for the Gazetteer (see Nat Arch C104/67 & 68) whose "Thoughts on the Anti-Monarchical Tendency of the measures of the British Minister" was published in 1797 by H D Symonds, the author giving his address as 35 Baldwin's Gardens, Leather Lane. DNB gives no details of Joseph's wife except she had no children and travelled with him to Madeira 1796. I have unsourced note that his widow Ann of 37 Gt Russell St Bloomsbury published his memoirs 1821.  The will PCC 1818 of Dr Joseph Adams mentioned his wife Ann, his brother Daniel and wife Sarah, sister Susanna wife of Matthew Coates Esq of Bristol, and sister Sarah Adams. Daniel Adams of the Auditor's Office was elected secretary of SCI on 30.1.1784 just before Joseph Adams was proposed so he may well have been Joseph's older brother Daniel born 25.11.1753, who may also have been the Daniel Adams linen draper in the Minories who married Sarah Dunant, daughter of Mr Hiollingworth, banker of Threadneedle St, at St Botolph Aldgate 10.7.1777. Daniel Adams secretary of SCI was at Tooke's Court, Cursitor St in 1794, and though he was a crown witness in the treason trials of 1794 I don't think this means Godwin would have disowned him as suggested in GD website editorial notes, as John Frost and William Sharp took the same step and both continued to appear in Godwin's diary.  Another Daniel Adams was a clerk in Moffatt & Co, bankers (Lloyd's Evening Post 25.3.1791)

Adams jr at Newton's 30.12.1795 was in Godwin's 1796 list for 1795 as "Adams jr", no other Adams in 1796 list except J Adams 1788 which was probably John Adams DNB 1735-1826 president of the United States (who is listed in identified persons on GD website but whose person record is blank or missing). Joseph Adams had no children (according to DNB and none mentioned in his will) and apparently no younger brothers.Adams at Thomas Hill's in 1801 was not Dr Joseph Adams as he was abroad then


CURRENT TEXT "(1755x7-1818), physician, was the"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <(1756 -1818), physician, was born on 20 July 1756, the>

CURRENT TEXT "an apothecary in Basinghall Street, London."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <an apothecary in Basinghall Street, London, and his wife Susannah, daughter of Timothy Rogers.>
NOTES Dr Williams Registry 16 Jan 1760

CURRENT TEXT "Adams was buried"
SUGGESTED CHANGE < Adams left a widow Ann, who died aged 72 in 1838, and he was buried>
NOTES The Standard 21.12.1838

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