7.11.1793 at Jennings' (with Reveley's & Foulkes) & on 19.11.1794 & 20.1.1794 / adv at Jennings when Godwin is the only guest 10.9.1794 / Col Mackenzie at Perry's 16.8.1795 / mrs Mackenzie calls 31.8.1802
Col Mackenzie may be Alexander Mackenzie Fraser DNB 1758-1809 (see Mackenzie, Colonel)
Boyle's 1792 M Esq 4 Argyll St /  Kennet M Esq 25 Lower Gower St / Stewart M Esq 17 Hill St / Mrs M 30 Upper Seymour St
Peter Mackenzie will PCC 1807 Twickenham (house formerly Matthew Duane's then Dorothy his widow's) wife Mary, daus. Mary Stevens, Sarah & Dorothy, sister Sarah Mackenzie, dated 17.9.1799



Submitted by Stephen Massil on Fri, 01/09/2015 - 21:48.

Mrs Nixon appears to have been governess to the daughters of Peter Mackenzie whose will of 1799 you report - you also have a hint of the Revd. Robert Nixon of Footscray you refer to (BUT he in fact has nothing to do with James Nixon, miniaturist - despite the ODNB for whom I am preparing a new entry on James Nixon
What I am looking for is a sister of Mrs Mackenzie [Mary Read, of Jamaica] who married a brother of Mrs Nixon [Frances Elizabeth Nixon - I have yet to trace her maiden name]
thanks for this stephen massil


I now find that Frances Elizabeth Nixon (née Carrington) had a brother George William Carrington (1749-1801) who was married to Jane Mackenzie (1748-1827) a daughter of George Mackenzie (1711-1780) and Mary Stevens (d. 1798)