A-Z of Entries

Clarkson, George & Romaine William

BONNEY DIARY 11.11.1794 saw Clarkson (and Gurney) 12.11.1794 Clarksons (and Gurney) 13.11.1794 2 Clarksons

George Clarkson and Romaine William Clarkson attorneys. Their father John Clarkson was a chinaman of Market St, St James (Westminster Coroners Jury 28.3.1770 Market St, 1774 voted Mountmorres & Mahon SunFire 1777dealer in Glass China & Earthenware, voted 1780, 1784 Fox, coroners juries 1788, voted 1802 Fox & Graham, will PCC 16.11.1802 dated 6.5.1793 mentioned his two sons as above and his dau Harriet wife of James Hodson of Hatton Garden M.D., who died 16.4.1812…


BONNEY DIARY  15.10.1794 Hague wrote to Howard Coates Osborne

As Bonney's clerk, Hague may have written letters for him, especially if Bonney had no access to ink, pen & paper. Coates was not in Law Lists except for two country attorneys. Though unlikely to have been him (a letter to a crown witness would have been dangerous evidence), it's worth mentioning that one of the long list of Crown witnesses in the 1794 Treason Trials was John Coates "a boy", a soldier in the Birmingham Volunteers, late of China Walk Lambeth apprentice to John Philip Francklow, taylor, now residing…