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C & B

sup with C & B, Marlb. Strt  23.9.1800 / 11.10.1800 call on Cn / 17.10.1800 C sleeps / 18.10.1800 C at Perry's
John Philpot Curran DNB 1750-1817 & James Boaden DNB 1762=1839, the only C and only B already named that day. Godwin had Curran to dinner, then went to the theatre with him, where they met Boaden and all three supped together. The other Cn & C entries above all surely referred to Curran but not coded to him in GD website


30.6.1810 H Boinville calls: C B dines
This C B has been coded on GD website to the Baxter family, implying presumably Christina Baxter who certainly came to London later with Godwin's daughter Mary, but no reason to think she was in London in 1810, her father had last seen Godwin in the summer of 1809. This was more likely to have been Cornelia Boinville age 15

C Ml

16.1.1810 read C Ml pamphlet
Suggestion this could mean Court Martial but I haven't identified the pamphlet


5.11.1793 critique CW. surely Godwin's novel Caleb Williams


Cabbel at Hubbard's 23.3.1794 / 19.9.1804 Cabel at Joseph Johnson's / 26.9.1804 again / 3.10.1794 again
1779 Geo Cabbell cit & apothecary Ldn / 1784 John Cabbell MD (1764 Mayor of Taunton subscr to Wellins Calcott) 
1790 Cabell subscr to poems of late John Mylne / William Cabell esq India Board subscr to John Meares Voyages
1795 Thos Cabbell appr to John I'Anson attorney St Mgt Westmr
1796 Wm Cabbell gent Craven St, St Martin in the Fields voted Fox & Tooke
Benjamin Bond Cabbell DNB 1782/3-1874 admitted Middle Temple 1803 called to bar 1806 elected FRS…


22.7.1796 water party at B Gurney's, Wroxham
GD website has Wraxham but look closely at original. No Wraxham found in Norfolk but Wroxham is on the Norfolk Broads. Cabble, Blogg and Ansell were perhaps watermen.
Price Cable, cordwainer, Saxmundham. Norwich will 1811 Nat Arch IR26

Cadell, Thomas

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1783, crossed out, and in 1794 version added in small letters with Robinson and Dodsley. Has a person record in GD website but the entry in 1796 list not coded to it
Thomas Cadell DNB 1742-1802 bookseller

Cadogan, William

9.2.1790 Cadogan at Miss Williams.
In 1796 list for 1790. William Cadogan DNB 1711-97 doctor connected with Hunter and Baillie who were also Miss Williams' guests. Samuel Rogers 'Early Life' diary entry 21.4.91 includes Dr Cadogan in list of guests at Miss Williams. His will PCC 1797 Doctor of Physic of George St, Han Sq mentions Francis Milman of Argyle St MD; bro in law Archibald Cochran Esq; dau Frances wife of William Nicholl, her mother Frances; sons & daus of late nephew William Cadogan, their mother, and their uncles John & George Prince; sister in law Mrs Hulbert;…


3 professors from Caen 19.10.1794 at Northmore's


Calcot 24.6.1799 adv at Chandler's (& miss Stephens) / 14.10.1804 Calcot calls / 9.7.1810 again
Possibly, as Chandler was an artist, this was Augustus Wall Callcott DNB 1779-1844 (or less likely his older brother John Wall Calcott DNB 1766-1821 musician)

Caldecott, Thomas

30.11.1790 Caldecot at T Hollis'.
Thomas Caldecott DNB 1744-1833 barrister & literary editor


7.3.1796 Hayward & Calder call / 20.4.1796 meet Montagu, Butler & Calder
Perhaps the Rev John Calder born 1733 Aberdeen, afternoon preacher 1780-4 at Poor Jewry Lane Crutched Friars, Rev John Calder DD of Furnivals Inn widower married 24.1.1789 St Bride's Fleet St, Martha Huddlestone Green spinster of Croydon, elected assessor of Aberdeen University 15.3.1809, died 10.6.1815 at Lisson Grove Paddington, will PCC 1815. His newspaper obituary said he was "well known among the learned as a man of genius" Caledonian Mercury 29.6.1815. Perhaps the John Calder clerk who purchased…

Caldwell, Andrew

Caldwel 22.7.1799 dines (& Charlotte Smith, Skeys & Fenwicks). In Godwin's 1796 list for 1799 / 4.7.1800 (in Ireland) call on (not in) / 6.7.1800 (in Ireland) calls / 8.7.1800 (in Ireland) dine at his (with Skeys) / 10.7.1800 (in Ireland) call on (& Skeys) / 18.7.1800 (in Ireland) at Drennan's / 19.7.1800 (in Ireland) calls / 26.7.1800 (in Ireland) at his / 1.8.1800 (in Ireland) call on (not in) / 29.10.1800 meet / 2.11.1800 dines (& Fenwicks)
Andrew Caldwell DNB 1733-1808. A friend of Charlotte Smith see her Collected Letters p329 n5


call on Callagan 5.8.1802
British Book Trades Index have Michael Callagan bookbinder 1770-1815. He was apprenticed 1782 to John Lovejoy, Exeter Ct, Strand, son of Edwrad Callagan deceased chairman of Milbank St, Westminster. He married Diana Underwood at Lambeth 9.3.1800 and was buried at St Margaret's Westminster 21.12.1817 age 45 of Broadway. His son William was a printer in Devon in the 1851 census, whose children were born in Ireland 1825-30 and thereafter in Devonport


at Perry's (with Wateridge), Calld 24.11 there, 8.2.95 there (with Wateridge), 21.3 mrs Calland adv at theatre
John Calland 18 Abingdon St (Boyle's 1792), of Madras 1781, votes Hood & Tooke 1790, will PCC 1803, Forest coalmine £16,00, wife Elizabeth, son Rev John (prebend of Chichester, chaplain to Lord Le Despenser, died in fall from horse 1800), son Charles (born 1771 attorney Pall Mall 1798 Law List died 1837 Norton St, Portland Pl, his widow Catherine Pearkes died 1861 aged 77), son George (born 1772, Capt Calland 14 George St, Manchester Sq Boyle's 1792, died 1820 Exmouth…

Callcutt, Richard

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Richard Calcut 31 Poland St ratebooks 1792-4 / coroners jury 1793 Richard Callcutt cook Poland St / Richard Calcott labourer age 20 born Tothill Fields 5ft4 fair complexion brown hair hazel eyes stealing a watch Mr Morris, Old Bailey 26.4.1797 accused of stealing a watch from William Morris between Poland St and the Pantheon. Calcott sworn: The prisoner is my son. He has been a waiter till about eight months ago; he has been with me ever since; he has been unfortunate and could not meet with any place; I had nothing for him to do…


Callender calls 17.2.1803 / 25.2.1803 Callendar calls / 18.4.1803 again /26.1.1833 Gen Callender at Aldis's
Spelling of this name varied to Callander, Callendar &c. Some possibles: Adam Callender landscape painter Titchfield St 1790, New Cavendish St 1800 will PCC 1816 / Henry Callender merchant Cornhill 1784 will PCC 1808 / Alexander Callender 5 Somers Pl, Somers Town 1811 will PCC Kensington 1827. Unlikely to have been Caroline Sheridan DNB 1779-1851 nee Callander one of the great beauties of her day who married the playwright Sheridan's son Tom 21.6.1805. Plenty of other…


Calton 12.10.1799 Curran's / 15.10.1799 meet Calton

Calvert, J

J Calvert 16.4.1800 at Mary Robinson's / 11.6.1800 Calvt there
See Heslop, H. And work notes below

Cameron, John Campbell

HCR diary 24.4.1823 after Montagu Kelly, Mrs Aders' first husband, came "in a drunken fit and demanded his daughter" to the Aders' house, Charles Aders "had spoken to a Mr Cameron, an attorney his friend, but he wished me to attend also". "Mr A:'s servant has since told me that Mr Cameron whispered to" (the sitting magistrate) "that it was a family matter". Kelly was fined five shillings for getting drunk, and dismissed. "Mr Cameron injudiciously desired" (Kelly) "to speak to an attorney, when he proposed speaking to C: himself"
Probably John Campbell Cameron (1787-1855) who married…