A-Z of Entries

Carpenter, Benjamin

Benjamin Carpenter was (along with William Blake the poet and his wife Catherine and Dorothy Gott) one of the additional signatories to the Swedenborgian conference 1789 (not in the printed list of 7.12.1788) and like the Blakes and Gott he appeared in no other Swedenborgian records. He was  quite likely  the Unitarian minister Benjamin Carpenter, born April 1752 near Bromsgrove, son of Philip Carpenter and Ann Lant who were married at Coventry 30.12.1740 and who baptised 11 children at the Indeprndent chapel in Bromsgrove. He was admitted to Daventry Academy 1768, married 24.6.1799 at…

Carter, Thomas

Thomas Carter one of the additional signatories of the 1789 Swedenborgian conference (not in the printed list of 7.12.1788) who, like the poet William Blake and his wife and Dorothy Gott, appeared in no other Swedenborgian records. Really too common a name for me to make any intelligent guess to his identity

Cayford, James

SWEDENBORGIANS: James Cayford son of James & Sibila born 2.11.1756 bapt 13.3.1796 New Jerusalem

James Cayford = 8.8.1753 St Michaels Bristol Sybilla Richardson. JC appr 1770 to Wm Reynolds citizen and joiner of London, JC took apprs 1787, 1793 (2), 1797,1806, James Birt Cayford = 8.4.1782 St Mary Aldermanbury to Elizabeth Campbell their children Harriot and Elizabeth bapt St Mary Whitechapel both buried as infants at St Mary Aldermanbury, another Elizabeth bapt 26.6.1785 St Andrew Holborn of Fetter Lane also buried as infant at St Mary Aldermanbury, Susanna born 1.3.1787 bapt 21…

Chappel, John

John Chappel born 10.7.1771 of Samuel & Mary bapt 23.3.1794 New Jerusalem 

(John Chappel bapt 10.10.1771 Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire, son of Samuel probably not this one) / John Abraham Chappel bapt 7.8.1771 Bicester, Oxon son of Samuel / John Abraham Chappel = 25.10.1797 Northaw, Herts to Martha Knight / SunFire 1802 JC pork butcher 56 Snow Hill / John born 18.7.1798 bapt 8.4.1803 St Sepulchre, John son of John Abraham Chappell & Martha of St Sepulchre  bapt 28.7.1798 Cross Street Swedenborgian / Abraham bapt 26.10.1800 New Jerusalem / William born 27.12.1806 bapt St…

Chastanier, Benedict

Benedict Chastanier, French surgeon 62 Tottenham Court Rd in list of Theosophical Society c1783 in Wm White's Emanuel Swedenborg vol 2 p599-600, publ 1786 London (in French) Tableau Analytique, a precis of Swedenborg's works. publ 1787 London (in French) Journal Novi-Jerusalemite, signatory (printed list) to 1788 conference, signatory to 1789 conference, bapt 12.4.1789 New Jerusalem, wrote articles (in English) New Jerusalem Journal 1792, wrote letter to 1792/3 conference

Benedict Chastanier elector Grafton St Soho 1774 /  Public Ledger 22.5.1776 Duran's Bougies from Paris for all…

Child, William

William Child born 30.12.1788 of Wm & Catherine bapt 22.3.1789 New Jerusalem (perhaps William Child bach = 3.5.1779 Shoreditch to Catherine Green sp her mark wits Thos Boycott, Wm Brewer) / William Child of Joseph & Elizabeth bapt 19.6.1791 there (perhaps the William Child born 30.10.1751 bapt 10.11.1751 St James Piccy of Joseph & Elizabeth who was likely the Wm C pork butcher 6 Tyler St SunFire 1791 but probably not the William Child victualler of Mayfair will PCC 1813). See my entry for Attwell, William

John Child was in the list of 18 names that added their signatures…

Churchill, Thomas Furlong

Holdens 1811 Thomas Churchill, Park St Islington (this was perhaps T F Churchill see Memoir in New Jerusalem Magazine Jan 1828). T F Churchill was clearly a different person from T O Churchill (see Churchill, Thomas Otton in Godwin Duary dataset), although Joseph Johnson published them both / James Churchill = St Stephen Exeter 15.6.1766 Ann Furlong / Thomas Furlong Churchill bapt St Martins Exeter 15.6.1767 son of Charles & Ann (this from Ancestry original not seen) / will PCC 1771 Thomas Furlong of Exeter mentioned his dau Ann wife of James Churchill (also wills PCC of his brothers…

Citizen, John

John & Elizabeth Citizen were in the printed list of 77 signatories dated 5.12.1788 and were both baptised 15.6.1788 New Jerusalem

John Citizen buried 29.5.1818 Bunhill Fields age 39 so would have been only 9 in 1788. A Charles John Citzen was bapt Shoreditch 20.10.1776 born 4.10.1776 of Charles & Jane Citzen. John Citizen bach = 26.10.1798 Shoreditch by lic Hannah Ghost sp witness Charles Citizen. John T Citizen appr 7.2.1793 to Wm Barclay citizen & Barber of London. Public Advertiser 19.10.1785 John Citizen carpetmaker and then chandler of Golden Lane which fits with…

Clarke, William

SWEDENBORGIANS: William Clark of Newport, Isle of Wight was at 1792-3 conference. Intellectual Repository New Series vol1 p333. Died 9.8.1824 by an attack of apoplexy in his 75th year William Clarke Esq of Shide nr Newport, I of W. His grandfather was Unitarian minister of Newport (then called Arian Baptists). In 1789 R Mather, and another, converted Clarke, Dr Maywood and a tradesman. Maywood went to America, Mr R Clarke while still in Isle of Wight continued the meetings. Mr Noble preached Clarke's funeral sermon at Methodist Chapel in Newport

His grandfather may have been the…


---- Clough of Manchester at Swedenborgian conference 1792/3

James Clough 1784 silk & check manufacturere Cannon Street Manchester (maybe different from the merchant following) / 8.7.1786 John Clough son of James Clough of Manchester linen draper articled to Thomas Jones attorney of Manchester / James Clough 1788 Irish linen merchant & dealer in liquors 2 Bloom St Manchester / John Clough = 4.2.1798 Manchester Cathedral by lic Esther Whiteley / Manchester directory1800 James Clough wine merchant 3 Broom St, John Clough attorney 15 Queen St St Ann's, James Clough surgeon 17…

Clowes, John

See John Clowes DNB 1743-1821

Cobbing, Samuel

Isaac son of Samuel & Dorothy Cobbing born 11.5.1790 bapt 15.8.1790 New Jerusalem

Samuel Cobbing bach otp = 13.4.1789 St Mary Newington by banns Dorothy Boyles sp otp wits Geo Wren (regular witness?) Wm Parsley / Samuel Cobbing bur 20.9.1817 Somerset St, Goodmans Fields Presbyterian age (34 or 54?) of Black Horse Yard / Elizabeth dau of Samuel Cobbing of Coggeshall Essex bricklayer & Elizabeth his wife relations Elizabeth & Mary Cobbing = 17.8.1784 William Bryan stationer of Mark Lane son of Thomas Bryan of Shrewsbury hoopbender & Margarah his wife (Peel Rd Quaker…

Collett, John

John Collett, Mary Collett and John son of John & Mary Collett (born 11.8.1782) all bapt 19.6.1791 New Jerusalem


Cookworthy, William

see William Cookworthy DNB 1705-1780

Cooper, Robert Burton

Robert Cooper of Birmingham at conference 8.4.1792, Robert Burton Cooper at conference 1792/3. And see Hands, Samuel

Daniel Cooper son of Daniel Cooper brazier of Horselydown & his wife Mary both deceased = 3.3.1763 Quaker meeting Sarah widow of Samuel Hands and dau of Robert Burton of Mancester Warwicks, farmer & Elizabeth (deceased) / Robert Burton Cooper son of Daniel Cooper brazier of Rotherhithe Wall & Sarah born 4.11.1770 (Bermondsey meeting) / 1793 RBC bucklemaker with Samuel Hands in Birminhgham & Thomas Wright in London bankrupt / RBC = 1.2.1795 St Martins B…

Coulden, Allen

Allen Coulden born 31.5.1763 bapt 24.4.1791 New Jerusalem

Found nothing about this person so far

Cox, George

George Cox bapt 28.7.1790 New Jerusalem

No clues at present

Crane, Robert

Robert Crane in printed list of 77 dated 7.12.1788. bapt 12.4.1789 New Jerusalem. Ann Crane bapt 28.7.1790 there

(Robert Crane wid otp his mark = 4.9.1775 Tottenham All Hallows by banns Ann Jenkins sp otp, probably not him) / Robert Crane wid otp = 12.1.1790 St Michael Bassishaw London by banns Ann Anderson wid otp wits Thos & Amey Catbird / Robert Crane from Kings Head Court age 39 buried Bunhill Fields 2.5.1805

Crowther, Samuel

Samuel Crowther son of Joseph & Hannah bapt 25.9.1796 New Jerusalem

Cruden, James

James Cruden in printed list of 77 date, on committee of conference 1789 and 1790, baptised 12.4.1789 New Jerusalem

With father John & brother John merchants in North Carolina, took loyalist side, sent memorials to British government claiming compensation, May 1789 at 7 Southampton Pl, New Rd, British Museum / James Cruden bach otp = 7.3.1792 St Geo the Martyr Southwark by lic Mary Glazard sp otp / Mrs Mary Cruden of St Mary Newington bur 19.5.1797 Locks Fields dissenters' burying ground / Cruden Land Tax 1793-1798 Sun St Newington / JC = 3.6.1798 St Botolph Aldgate…