A-Z of Entries


miss D'Alton 20.8.1792 at Brand Hollis.

There were three Irish generals named D'Alton in the Austrian service; this may well be Frances, daughter of late General Count D'Alton who married Sir Richard Steele in March 1793 and died Frances Mary Steele 17.7.1857 at Weymouth (newspapers). Mary D'Alton widow of Count Edward D'Alton died 12.8.1815 her will PCC 1815 mentions her eldest son Peter D'Alton, 2nd son Christopher Albert Thomas Francis D'Alton, daughter Ann Jackson, brother Charles McCarthy, late brother John McCarthy Esq of Springham Tipperary



meet Daly 15.7.1800. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 23.7.1800 dines / 25.7.1800 at Hamilton's (all in Ireland) / 26.9.1806 meet Reynolds (Daly & Headfort) with Curran / 21.6.1810 Daly calls / 6.7.1810 again

Anthony Daly Hist Irish Parl 1725-1810 Grattan supporter / Rt Hon Denis Bowes Daly Dict Irish Biog 1745-1821 anti-union = 1780 sister of George Ponsonby DNB 1755-1817 / brothers of Denis Bowes Daly, Peter D 1769-1846 pro-union but pro-Catholic, Rt Hon St George Daly 1758-1827 pro-union / Richard Daly DNB 1758-1813 actor & theatre manager / 1798 subs to D R O'Conor Col.…


Darcy 5.8.1800 at Wallace's trial, Carlow


Dargle & Scalp

13.7.1800 dine at la. Mountcashel's with C(urran) (Dargle & Scalp) / 14.7.1800 Dargle & Water-fall

Dargle is the river that flows to the sea at Bray south of Dublin, and Scalp the name of a hill near that river and the village of Enniskerry, or that is as much sense as I could get out of Google maps

Davis, (Ireland)

Davis, apud Leland, pp.18.  10.8.1800 / 11.8.1800 meet Davis

On 9.8.1800 Godwin had resumed his reading of Leland's History of Ireland after his journey to Carlow and reached p182 (presumably of Vol 3). I'm not clear what he meant by Davis apud Leland, must have a look at the Leland. Apud generally means "in" when applied to a book. Was it just coincidence that he met Davis the next day?


dine at Delane's 11.7.1800 / 17.7.1800 Delane at Curran's

Perhaps Solomon Delane DNB 1727-1812 landscape painter


Dobbs 9.9.1800 at Taggart's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 28.9.1800 meet Dobbs

Francis Dobbs DNB 1750-1811 anti-union apocalyptic


Dorroty 26.1.1800 at John King's / 9.2.1800 Dogherty at John King's / 16.3.1800 again / 5.6.1800 again / 8.10.1800 meet Dogherty (& Goold) / 9.10.1800 meet Dogherty / 11.10.1800 again / 17.10.1800 Dogherty at theatre / 9.12.1800 meet Dogherty / 11.1.1801 again / 30.4.1801 again / 11.10.1808 Dogherty at theatre

Quite likely Hugh Doherty Esq. (often spelt Dogherty) brother of John Doherty DNB 1783-1850 son of John Doherty attorney of Dublin. Cornet in 29th Light Dragoons eloped in 1802 with 15 year old Ann Holmes daughter of Thomas Hunter formerly Holmes, a wealthy East India…


Four Courts, Lattin v Duigenan 25.7.1800

Covered by event tag in GD website on 25.7.1800 but not coded to a person record


Duquerry 5.8.1800 at Wallace's trial, Carlow / 6.8.1800 hear Duquerry (presumably at same trial)

Henry Duquerry Dict Irish Biog 1749x1751-1804 barrister. Address 1798 Leinster St, Dublin (sub to O'Conor)