A-Z of Entries

Adamson, William

William Adamson of Dublin proposed Socy Const Info by John Farnell Tuffin 9.11.1792 2nded William Tooke / 1773 William Adamson of Carpenters Company Dublin voted for Redmond Morres as MP Dublin City / subscr 1790 to "Evidences of the Jewish and Christian revelations" by Rev Henry Murray, Dublin / Irish subscr to Olaudah Equiano 1793 /

Agar, James

proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 30.11.1792 by Christopher Hull, seconded by John Balmanno, rejected (one of a very few) Nat Arch TS11/962 / signed Declaration of Friends to the Liberty of the Press 1792/3 / steward at general meeting of London Corresponding Society 20.1.1794 (Thale p105) / witness in treason trials 1794 address Hare Court, Temple / steward of Friends of Freedom 1795, 1796 / on the outbreak of open rebellion in Ireland he was arrested 31.5.1798 at the Inner Temple on suspicion of high treason (along with Valentine Lawless, Richard Curran, Traynor…

Andrews, Francis

Godwin's diary Vol VII f 46r: M P Andrews, Lyttleton's Moloch, a letcherous old miser. M.
Francis Andrews 1718-1774 (A History of the Irish Parliament) fits the bill, in some people's views. There were no MPs with surname Andrews in English Parliament in 1754 - 1820. George Lyttelton DNB 1709-1773 would seem to be the likely author, but I can find no instance of Moloch in his works. M could be James Marshall or Basil Montagu among others

Andrews, Major

supper Major Andrews 7.8.1800
See Godwin's letter to James Marshall (Bodleian Abinger c6 f36-7). Major Edmund Andrews 4th regt Irish Brigade disbanded 1798. Major edmund Andrews 30.5.1799 assistant barrack master general. (Army Lists0


Arch 3.7.1800 at Colles's (in Ireland) / 17.12.1801 Arch's at Lamb's / 20.5.1805 Arch at Lamb's / 26.9.1809 call on Arch / 16.11.1809 again / 17.6.1812 again / 18.6.1812 again
The only examples of the name Arch I found in Ireland were John Arch born 1748 Dublin and Nicholas Arch married 1773 Dublin. As with Tobin, Hume, Higgins, Ridgway and Johnson I reckon the GD website coding of those names in Ireland to Godwin's friends of those names in England is unconvincing, but If Colles was the bookseller Isaac Colles (which is just one possibility, see Colles) then perhaps the Arch in…

Atkinson, Capt

capt Atkinson 3.7.1800 at Curran's / 8.7.1800 calls there (not in) / 15.7.1800 Godwin calls on him (not in)
Joseph Atkinson Dict Irish Biog c1743-1818 Captain, poet & dramatist, friend of Thomas Moore. His address in 1800, along with John Atkinson, was Usher's Island, Dublin

Ball, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Ball of Dublin proposed member 6.6.1783 by John Horne Tooke at request of secretary Thomas Yeates 2nded John Jebb, SCI received letter 1784 from Mr Ball of Dublin
GODWIN DIARY: Ball 5.8.1800 dines at Carlow / 31.1.1802 at Wycombe's, with Curran / 23.1.1805 call on Ball (Giltspur)  GD website has Gittshur but see original / 1.2.1805 call on Ball with Wordsworth / 21.3.1817 at Curran's (from Rome) / 6.10.1823 at Bacon's / 21.1.1833 Balls at Martin's
Charles Ball, Trinity Coll Dublin 1772, Lincolns Inn 1776 BA 1780 called to Irish…


Barnet 26.3.1800 at John King's / 11.7.1800 (in Ireland) adv Scully & Barnet at Moira's / 25.4.1828 Barnet at C Jones's / 10.10.1828 again / 10.1.1831 invited to C Jones's
The Barnet at King's may have been Edward Barnet because in 1812 Augustus Butler Danvers instituted Chancery proceedings against an Edward Barnet (National Archives C13/207/21). Danvers was engaged in Chancery suits with a number of the guests at his father-in-law John King's, these may have been "friendly" suits. Boyle's 1800 Edward Barnet 27 Soho Sq & Kensington Gore, Law List 1800 attorney of Soho Sq.…


Barret 13.7.1800 calls (in Ireland) / 7.8.1807 Barret, constable at Skinner Street (Godwin's) / 6.10.1809 write to Barret / 24.1.1810 write to Barrat / 4.4.1810 again / 5.12.1810 again / 15.7.1811 again / 5.8.1813 Barrets call / 21.9.1828 Jos. Barret at (Joshua) Robinson's / 10.4.1829 Barret at (Joshua) Robinson's
The first entry above 1800 in Ireland was possibly John Barrett DNB 1753/4 -1821 classical scholar and eccentric. (John Barrett of the Theatre Royal, Crow St, Dublin  = June 1806 miss Devereux, Aungier St, Dublin. Edward Deane Barrett attorney of Dublin = May 1811 dau of…


Barrington 5.8.1800 at Wallace's trial, Carlow, & dines same day. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800
Jonah Barrington DNB 1756/7-1834


28.12.1796 at Horne Tooke's / 13.1.1798 Batleys at Brand Hollis' / 3.4.1798 meet Batleys / 20.5.1799 at Milton Gallery / 27.7.1799 meet Batleys / 6.7.1800 Batley & 3 Granges (call at Curran's?) tea at Batley's (in Ireland) / 15.7.1800 Batley dines at Rathfarnham / 17.7.1800 again / 10.8.1800 tea at Batley's / 11.8.1800 Batley calls
Jeremiah Batley of Chapel St bedford Row proposed Socy of Const Info 12.7.1782 by James martin 2nded John Jebb. John Lodge Batley proposed 18.6.1784 by James Martin 2nded Richard Brocklesby
John Lodge Batley bapt 1.6.1762 St Saviour Denmark Park…


Bennet 4.7.1800 at Curran's / 17.7.1800 walk with / 16.1.1802 Curran & Bennet call / 6.1.1807 at Curran's / 12.1.1807 Curran & Bennet dine / 25.1.1820 at mrs Hersey's / 19.5.1821 call on H G Bennet / 22.5.1821 write to H G Bennet
Perhaps Richard Newton Bennett Dict Irish Biog 1769-1836. The 1820 entry was with the Beresfords, connections of Hamilton Rowan so quite likely the same Bennet as with Curran. H G Bennet in the last two entries was probably Henry Grey Bennet DNB 1777-1836 politician. Other Bennets in Ireland in 1800 were James Bennet MD of Cork subscr to Cervantes…


Birminghams 8.8.1800 at Grattan's

Bishop, Eliza

call on E Bishop 5.7.1800 / 9.7.1800 call on E B / 11.7.1800 call on E B; adv EB & Everina at Delane's / 15.7.1800 call on EB / 19.7.1800 E B & Everina at Lefanu's / 23.7.1800 EB & Everina dine / 24.7.1800 sup at E B's / 31.7.1800 call on E B / 9.8.1800 again (all in Ireland)
The GD website has only coded the first entry above to Eliza Bishop, but all the E B entries in Dublin were quite clearly her


Blackwood 14.7.1800 at Grattan's / 4.3.1806 at Rowan's
The GD website has coded the two above entries to William Blackwood DNB 1776-1834, though he had no connection with Ireland. They have correctly coded the 1808 and 1809 entries at Joseph Johnson's to him, but the four letters in 1830 which should also have been coded to him have been left uncoded (in brown). For Dublin possibles see work notes below

Bonham, John

John Bonham junior of Hammersmith proposed 25.10.1793 by Charles Sinclair 2nded Thomas Holcroft. John Bonham was the oldest son of Francis Warren Bonham by his first wife Mary Ann Leslie, born about 1769 probably in Ireland and matric at Merton College Oxford 1785. F W Bonham Land Tax Hammersmith 1791-99, his will PCC 1810 of Bath. John Bonham the younger of Hammersmith and Arthur Bedford were prosecuted for an assault by Ruth Ann Barnes and Elizabeth Thornton of Turnham Green who relinquished their prosecution at Middlesex Sessions in January 1793 (London Lives) (probably in return for a…

Bourke, Joseph

dean Bourke 12.8.1800 on boat from Dublin
Joseph Bourke 1771-1843 dean of Ossory, 3rd son of 3rd Earl Mayo = 1799 Mary dau of Sackville Gardiner (see Burke's Peerage)


12.10.1806 Bray at dinner at H Tooke's
The only time Bray occurs as a persaon's name in Godwin's diary. Henry H Bray seems a likely candidate as he lived at Wimbledon near to Tooke. His father was Michael Bray of Lincolns Inn who as a widower married at Walcot St Swithin's Somerset on 4.12.1785 Catherine Darell otp sp by lic sigs witsJohn Monck, Francis Plowden. This last witness was very likely Francis Peter Plowden (DNB 1749-1829) who like Michel Bray was a Catholic conveyancer called to the bar when restrictions on Catholics were lifted (Bray at Lincolns Inn 1795). In the year of…

Brennan, Dennis

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Dennis Brennan 39 Poland St (Crispin) ratebooks 1796-1800 / Dennis Brennan wid = Lambeth 26.10.1801 Sarah Hart wid botp banns / Dennis Brennan (married man) bur 5.3.1811 St Marylebone age 64 / the name is distinctly Irish


7.8.1806 Brian & Mulready call
The only Brian in Godwin's diary. There are a number of examples of O'Brien and O'Briens but none of Brien Briens Brians O'Brian or O'Brians. No reason to think Brian was connected to Mulready who may have just happened to call on the same morning.
This was possibly Peter Brian who lived near Godwin at 4 Charles St, Clarendon Square, Somers Town (Holden's directory 1811). He was there in Land Tax records from 1809, I couldn't find records for Charles Street before that date. He may have been the Peter Brian at 7 Cooks Row, St Pancras (Holden's…