A-Z of Entries

W Place

call on EB & W Place 11.7.1800 / 25.7.1800 call, with C(urran), W Place / 26.7.1800 tea W Place / 1.8.1800 call on W Place

I suggest this was an address rather than a person's name. The only address in W Stewart's Dublin directory 1797 that fits was Warrington Place, Baggot St. One possibility is that Curran's mistress Mrs Fitzgerald lived there with their three children (see Fitzgerald). She later wrote to Godwin in terms that suggest they had met before (Bodleian Abinger c7 f32-3). It was clearly not where Mary Wollstonecraft's sisters Eliza Bishop & Everina were living,…


20.07.1796 Waddy at March's / 5.8.1800 Waddy at Wallace's trial in Ireland

John Waddy (Highfill, Burnim & Langhans) 1751-1814 actor in Norwich theatre, subscr to Norwich Public Library 1796. Irish and often took the part of the stage Irishman, so it could possibly have been  him in Ireland in 1800. But there was a Richard Waddy attorney who subscribed 1798 to Reports of Cases (in Irish courts), his will PCC 1802. A Dr Richard Waddy, yeoman of Wexford is mentioned in Dict Irish Biog as having arrested rebels Colclough and Harvey in 1798, and at Wallace's trial Godwin noted Waddy…

Walker, Joseph Cooper

J C Walker 21.7.1800 call on with Lady Mountcashell. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 29.7.1800 call on J C Walker

Joseph Cooper Walker DNB 1761-1810 antiquary

Wallace, Arfhur

Wallace's trial 5.8.1800

Covered by event tag in GD website but coded as unidentified


Wallis 12.7.1800 at Curran's (in Ireland) / 26.5.1801 at Nicholson's / 21.7.1803 Wallis, Camden St calls / 22.7.1803 Camden St / 9.4.1811 call on Wallis / 14.7.1815 call on Wallis, Newgate Street / 21.7.1815 meet Wallis (N S)

Apart from the last two who were presumably the same person, these may have all been different people. Wallis in Ireland could have been the postmaster of Carlow (see Wallace, Arthur) coming to consult Curran about his trial. The Dublin Evening Post also spelt his name Wallis in the first instance. For other Irish Wallises see work notes below.  A Richard…

Ward, (Ireland)

Ward 4.8.1800 at Burne's, Carlow

Webb, (Ireland)

Webb 13.7.1800 call on / 20.7.1800 dine at Webb's / 21.7.1800 sup at Webb's / 13.1.1802 at Wycombe's (& Curran)



Whaley 5.8.1800 adv at dinner, Carlow  In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 6.8.1800 dines / 8.8.1800 at Burne's

Thomas Whaley DNB 1766-1800 politician and gambler, pro-union, married Jan 1800 sister of Valentine Browne Lawless, Lord Cloncurry DNB 1773-1853, died 2.11.1800 in Cheshire on way to London. See Bodleian Abinger c6 f36v for Godwin's description of him in a letter to James Marshall

White, Henry

10.5.1793 &c. Has now been given person record on GD website since I researched him but 5.11.1798 missed

A soldier serving in India who called on Godwin perhaps paying him to write for him. Godwin wrote to Maj White on 10.5.1793, which may not have been him as his promotion to Major was in 1798, though officers on half pay were often given the honour of one extra rank. Then Maj White called on 20.7.1798, 25.10.1798, 29.10.1798, 9.11.1798, 11.11.1798 and 13.11.1798. On 23.1.1799 Godwin called on him, then he called on 28.1.1799, 9.2.1799, 21.2.1799, 25.4.1799, 9.7.1799, 18.10.…

Wilmot, Katherine

miss Wilmot 29.9.1801 calls (& Lady Mountcashell) / 18.11.1801 at theatre with Lady Mountcashell / 21.11.1801 calls (& Lady Mountcashell)

Katherine Wilmot Dict Irish Biog c1773-1824 went to Europe with Lady Mountcashell and kept a diary

Wright (Ireland)

Wright 16.7.1800 calls, adv at Lefanu's

Perhaps Thomas Wright Dict Irish Biog 1760-1812 surgeon, United Irishman, informer from 1799. Dublin Trades 1797 Benjamin Wright grocer, James Wright victualler, Joseph Wright grocer, Joseph Wright hatter, Nehemiah Wright linen draper, Patrick Wright factor