A-Z of Entries

Yeates, Thomas senior & junior

Thomas Yeates of the Strand proposed Society for Constitutional Information 21.12.1781 by John Jebb 2nded Richard Brocklesby

Thomas Yeates hatter & hosier Villars St Strand 1774, 30 Strand 1779-1785, York House, Strand 1785-1791 (?will PCC 1816, 1837?)

Thomas Yeates (DNB 1768-1839) was according to DNB appointed secretary to the SCI in 1782 and removed from post in February 1784 after failing to manage the Society's finances. According to the SCI books he resigned as secretary on 28.11.1783 and was made an honorary member, then on 6.2.1784 he was rude to Richard…

Yorke, Henry Redhead

29.11.1795 at Bankes's, talk of Yorke's sentence

Henry Redhead Yorke DNB 1772-1813

Henry Redhead of Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn proposed Society for Constitutional Information 21.6.1793 by Thomas Symmons 2nded William Harwood

5.11.1793 joined Div 29 of LCS recently