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Adair, William Jones

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Jones Adair proposed member 27.5.1785 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Paradise
GODWIN DIARY: Adair 4.1.1789 at B Hollis' / 13.2.1790 at Anti-Tests / 23.5.1790 at Paradise's
WJAdair appeared in Godwin's 1796 list at start of 1789 so this must have been William Jones Adair, born about 1747 son of William and Margaret Jones of Pall Mall, went to Peterhouse Cambridge and Lincolns Inn, took surname Adair after inheriting £5000 from William Adair in 1783. He married Charlotte Harwood at St James Piccadilly in 1791. He appeared in the Law…

Adams, Daniel

see Adams, Joseph

Adams, Joseph

3.8.1794 calls (&Ritson), / 12.8.1794 sup at Adams's / 27.8.1794 again (adv Zenobio) / 22.11.1794 at Tooke's trial / 28.3.1795 sup at Adams' / 9.6.1795 call on (after miss G) / 28.8.1795 call on (then sup at miss G's) / 30.12.1795 Adams jr at Newton's / 19.3.1796 sup at Adams' (after call on miss G) / 2.8.1801 Adams at Hill's
Joseph Adams DNB 1755x7-1818 was born 20.7.1756. son of Joseph & Susannah (dau of Timothy Rogers) (Dr Williams Registry 16.1.1760). He was proposed for Socy Const Info 6.2.1784 by Henry Amory, 2nded John Jebb. Count Zenobio's presence on 27.8.1795 as a…

Adamson, William

William Adamson of Dublin proposed Socy Const Info by John Farnell Tuffin 9.11.1792 2nded William Tooke / 1773 William Adamson of Carpenters Company Dublin voted for Redmond Morres as MP Dublin City / subscr 1790 to "Evidences of the Jewish and Christian revelations" by Rev Henry Murray, Dublin / Irish subscr to Olaudah Equiano 1793 /

Agar, James

proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 30.11.1792 by Christopher Hull, seconded by John Balmanno, rejected (one of a very few) Nat Arch TS11/962 / signed Declaration of Friends to the Liberty of the Press 1792/3 / steward at general meeting of London Corresponding Society 20.1.1794 (Thale p105) / witness in treason trials 1794 address Hare Court, Temple / steward of Friends of Freedom 1795, 1796 / on the outbreak of open rebellion in Ireland he was arrested 31.5.1798 at the Inner Temple on suspicion of high treason (along with Valentine Lawless, Richard Curran, Traynor…

Alderson, Christopher

Christopher Alderson merchant of Lawrence lane proposed 8.11.1782 by Joseph Brown of Gracechurch St 2nded Richard Sharp of Fish St Hill. 1766 partner of John Story warehouseman Lawrence Lane. 1789 East India merchant Lawrence Lane. Buried 31.12.1810 St John Hackney age 85. His will PCC 1811 of Homerton  probable birthplace Askrigg Yorks, one of his execs was John Pearson of Lawrence Lane warehouseman. By 6.10.1792 he was on the Hackney Committee for the Association to Defend Liberty and Property against Republicans & Levellers (Oracle 7.10.1792)

Amory, Henry

Henry Amory of Bucklersbury proposed 27.9.1782 by Joseph Towers 2nded Edward Bridgen.. His grandfather John was a Taunton grocer, his grandmother Anne was sister of Henry Grove DNB 1684-1738, his father Thomas Amory DNB 1701-1774 was Grove's successor, and his mother was Mary (c.1723 -.1801) daughter of Rev Samuel Baker of Southwark (d.1748), they were married at Taunton on 7.9.1741.  Henry Grove Amory of Bucklersbury subscribed 1788 to Nathaniel Lardner's Works. John Thelwall DNB 1764-1834 dedicated his Ode to Science (1791) to Henry Amory Esq father of the Philomathian Society.. Henry…

Ansell, George

George Ansell Esq of Lambert St, Goodmans Fields proposed 11.5.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded William Sharpe of Leadenhall St (probably him, and not the engraver William Sharpe, as Tuffin had proposed WS of Leadenhall St the previous month).
Sugar refiner with partner Robert Dewes SunFire 1793 77 Lambeth St, Goodmans Fields / Lease 1795 Rupert Ally (Whitechapel?) / lease 1796 Goodmans Fields / SunFire 1803 Osborn St Whitechapel / lease 1806 John St Minories / lease 1811 Hackney Grove / SunFire 1821 Osborne St, Whitechapel. Steward of Revolution Society 1791.Subscr £2.11s for…

Ashmore. Thomas

Thomas Ashmore junior of King St, Cheapside proposed 7.3.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded Stewart Kyd. Sun Fire 1792 TA, TA jr, John Keeling & Nathaniel Laing 32 King St Cheapside warehousemen. Probably not the same as Thomas Ashmore gent of Swithins Lane Sun Fire 1780, banrupt merchant of Swithins La 1797 cert 1798 divs 1805, 1808, nor the same as TA Esq of Powis Pl = Liverpool 1819 will PCC 1856 of Bolton St Piccadilly. A Thomas Ashmore of Farringdon Ward without was listed in game certs 1809. Perhaps TA sr, warehouseman, was the TA bur 10.10.1800 Hackney age 68 and perhaps TA jr was…

Aspinall, James

James Aspinall of Norfolk St, gent proposed 9.3.1792 Michael Bush 2nded John Lodge Batley. Attorney, partner of Michael Bush & Joseph Neeld at 31 Norfolk St /. JA of St Geo Mx articled to Major Wright (will PCC 1818) of Torrington St 1790. 1808 JA attorney 5 Quality Court, Chancery Lane SunFire 1820 there

Audley, John

John Audley of Cambridge proposed 6.2.1784 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Jebb.  Born 16.7.1750 and bapt 2.1.1750 St Ives, Hunts, independent, of John & Eliz Audley.  JA woolstapler, Cambridge Oct 1765 4% annuities (source lost) took apprs 1771, 1784 (Nat Arch IR/1),. JA Cambridge subscr 1777 to Poems of John Auther. His father's will PCC 1779 Cambridge. JA Cambridge associator 1780 (see London Evening Post 9.3.1780 &c). JA Cambridge subscr 1781 to John Locke publ Cambridge.subscr 1782 to John Moxon's Agreeable Companion subscr 1784 tos Stephen Addington's Life of Paul subscr 1788…

Bailey, William

William Bailey brazier of Holborn proposed 22.6.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded Joyce (Jeremiah or Joshua?). Active 1778-1780 in Society of Tradesmen for Protection of their Property against Felons. He married at St Mary's, Watford on 13.6.1782 Elizabeth dau of Samuel Whitfield (d.1774 will PCC), surgeon of Flamstead (Whuitehall Evening Post 13 - 15.6.1782). SunFire 1787 WB ironmonger, smith and brazier 15 Theobalds Rd, Holborn. (1784 with Samuel B who was insured 1780 brazier Brownlow St, Holborn). 1797 on vestry of St Giles (lost source). At the Old Bailey on 9.7.1800 he prosecuted his…

Bakewell, Benjamin

Benjamin Bakewell of Cornhill proposed 30.3.1792 by James West 2nded John Farnell Tuffin. Family details from Ancestry user-submitted tree are slightly contradictory and I haven't checked all sources. Apparently born 1.8.1767 of Joseph & Sarah (nee Woodhouse? or nee Cartwright?) and died 19.2.1844 Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He certainly was admitted to Drapers Coy London by redemption 20.3.1792 as son of Joseph, grocer of Derby, deceased. Lowndes 1792 BB linen draper 5, Cornhill. (Sun Fire 1791 there) 1792 BB of Cornhill life member of Unitarian Socy.. Thomas son of Benjamin Bakewell &…

Bakewell, William

William Bakewell of Burton on Trent proposed 22.6.1792 by Benjamin Bakewell 2nded John Horne Tooke. WB of Burton subscr 1787 to poems of Elizabeth Smith, Birmingham. WB subscr 1789 to Abraham Bennet's New Experiments on Electricity. WB of Burton subscr 1790 to Edward Harwood's Discourses on St Paul. WB member of Unitarian Society 1792. According to Ancestry user-submitted tree (unchecked by me) he was older brother of Benjamin Bakewell (qv), was born 19.7.1762, and married 22.2.1786 Lucy Green (d.1804), went to USA in 1802 on "General Mercer", married 2ndly 10.12.1805 Rebecca Smith at 2nd…

Ball, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Ball of Dublin proposed member 6.6.1783 by John Horne Tooke at request of secretary Thomas Yeates 2nded John Jebb, SCI received letter 1784 from Mr Ball of Dublin
GODWIN DIARY: Ball 5.8.1800 dines at Carlow / 31.1.1802 at Wycombe's, with Curran / 23.1.1805 call on Ball (Giltspur)  GD website has Gittshur but see original / 1.2.1805 call on Ball with Wordsworth / 21.3.1817 at Curran's (from Rome) / 6.10.1823 at Bacon's / 21.1.1833 Balls at Martin's
Charles Ball, Trinity Coll Dublin 1772, Lincolns Inn 1776 BA 1780 called to Irish…

Balmanno, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Balmanno jr of Spital Sq proposed member 11.5.1792 by Michael Pearson, 2nded by Wm Sharpe. Michael Pearson was his father's partner. In 1793 Balmanno proposed Stewart Kyd.
GODWIN DIARY:16.12.1792 Belmano at Holcroft's and 17.2.1793 there, 14.10.1793 at Thelwal's, 9.2.1794 at Tooke's and 1.11.1794 at Hardy's trial.
John Balmanno of Exeter College  Oxford only son of John B of Spital Sq surgeon, admitted Inner Temple 12.11.1790, matriculated Dec 1794 age 25 (Alum Ox). Baptised 27.9.1769 Whitechapel, Middlesex of John & Jane. Sonnet…

Banks, Thomas

GODWIN DIARY 10.1.1796 adv mrs & miss Banks at Holcroft's / 7.5.1797 adv mes Banks at Hts
Elizabeth Hooton 1748-1834 married 1766 Thomas Banks DNB 1735-1805 sculptor. Their daughter Lavinia born in Rome 1774 married 3.8.1799 at St Geo Han Sq, the Rev Edward Forster
Thomas Banks of Newman St (DNB 1735-1805 sculptor) was proposed SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION 28.9.1792 by William Sharpe 2nded John Horne Tooke. See his person record in Godwin Diary website and my Background Article Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses
See Newman Street 1 to 9 in LONDON…

Barlow, Joel

Barlow 4.5.1803 at Joseph Johnson's / 27.7.1803 again / 1.6.1805 Barlow at Philips
The GD website has coded these entries to Joel Barlow DNB 1754-1812. In the editorial notes to his person record it says that the diary (i.e. Godwin's diary) suggests that he returned to America via London. The DNB says he had returned to America by August 1805 so the timing is possible, but it could certainly have been another person called Barlow. Since most guests at Johnson's and Phillips' were authors I can only find John Barlow "teacher of languages geography and the globes" whose poem on the…

Barnard, Samuel Cumberland

Samuel Cumberland Barnard of Norwich was proposed 10.1.1794 by Francis Weldon 2nded George Williams. He was born 9.1.1775 and baptised 12.9.1775 at the Old Meeting House Independent, Norwich son of John & Mary (see Barnard entry in Godwin Diary dataset). A Samuel Barnard (also his uncle's name, born 1751) was buried 8.8.1805 at Weasenham, Norfolk.. Another Samuel Barnard dissenting minister died 7.7.1807 at Sheffield (Gents Mag 1807 p689)

Barwis, Jackson

Jackson Barwis of Snow Hill and Clapham was proposed 26.4.1782  by Samuel Shore 2nded Edward Hall. Bapt 31.1.1739 Cockermouth Cumberland son of John Barwis, married Ann Smith sp of St Anne Soho by lic 18.1.1762 St Marylebone. their dau Jane Jackson Barwis born 23.7.1768 bapt 7.8.1768 St Anne Soho, dau Frances born b13.4.1764 bapt 1.5.1764 there (she later married Rev matthew Wilson fellow of Trinty Cambridge). Grocer in Compton St Westminster coroners jury 1762. Grocer Snow Hill SunFire 1778. Their dau Elizabeth bapt St Sepulchre 11.6.1770. "frequent speechifier at India House" publ 1776…