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Fagan 15.11.1804 at H Rowan's / 30.12.1805 again / 17.1.1806 again
Perhaps one of the Irish Catholic family of Fagan in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland. Patrick Fagan who died 1770 had ten sons, the eldest Christopher Alexander 1733-1816 will PCC 1816 was said to be the father by Madame Roland of Hyacinthe Gabrielle (died 1816) who became the mistress about 1785 of Richard Wellesley DNB 1760-1842 and married him in 1794 by which time she had had five children by him. The second son was Stephen merchant of Cork died 1811 whose sons James died 1822 and Patrick died 1808. The third son Robert merchant of Philadelphia died 1788 but his son Christopher 1776-1845 served in India and was in London in 1803 where he married his cousin but had returned to India before 1807, probably by October 1803. The sixth son John (of Kerry) may have been alive in 1804 to 1806, his five sons all served in India and only the youngest James Patrick 1788-1853 had not gone to India by 1805. Three of the other brothers were dead before 1804 and one was in Philadelphia. The ninth son William had four sons born after 1789 and was still alive in 1816.

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Holdens 1805 James Fagan timber merchant 10 Bridgefoot St Dublin / John Fagan linendraper 24 Upper Bridge St Dublin / Edward Fagan carpenter Shepherds Market (Sun Fire 1815) his will? PCC 1828