Parry, Richard

Parry arrives 27.6.1795 & 1.7.1795 at Willes's & 4.7.1795 at Morley's & 6.7.1795 at Greatheed's
Richard Parry admitted pensioner age 18 at Trinity cambridge 17.6.1793 eldest son of Richard P of Cambridge. School. Rugby (of Llanbaidr, Denbighshire). BA & medal 1798. Admitted Lincolns Inn 7.5.1796, son of Richard P of Warfield, Berks. Richard P of Warfield, Berks will PCC 1828, Richard P of Llwyn-ynn, Denbighshire will PCC 1834.
Parr's Works vol8 p381 letter from Richard Parry re: monument for Thomas Jones of Trinity Cambridge p382 letter congratulating Parr on his 2nd marriage. He appears to have taken over at Hatton on 27.6.1795 from Francis Howes, perhaps as assistant teacher

Work notes: 
John Parry was attorney of Warwick, undersheriff & coroner 1772-92 of Jury St, voted Knight 1792, died 18.9.1792 (London Chronicle 20.9.1792) succeeded by John Tomes Warwickshire Archives C1133 for some of his papers


I don't know whether this is of any interest, but in the archives at Sherborne School we have a book formerly owned by Richard Parry: THEOPHRASTUS Theophrasti notationes morum. Isaacus Casaubonus recensuit, in Latinum sermonem vertit, & libro commentario illustravit. Lyons, apud Antonium de Harsy, 1599. Inscribed: ‘Richd. Parry, Hatton, October 12 1793’.

Thankyou. It must be the same Richard Parry because of the place Hatton. Presumably he was a pupil with Parr between Rugby and Cambridge. I wonder if he later taught at Sherborne