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21.4.1796 Tucket adv at Tobin's

probably George Lowman Tuckett 1771 -1851

see the many comments below which mention a family connection between Tobins and Tucketts, as well as my work notes

letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge vol 1 p 61


Work notes
21.12.1765 Wm Tuckett compelled by 500 people to resign his post as stamp distributor of St Kitts. Wm T stamp distributor of Bridgwater Somerset will PCC 1800 dated 5.4.1796 wife Mary her father Benjamin Follett, 4 children George Lowman T, Martha Lowman T, Maria T & Josiah Webbe T proved 29.7.1800 / John T mayor of Bridgwater 1766 / 11.6.1799 Thomas Tuckett appointed Solicitor General of Leeward Islands 5.4.1800 Thos T died of fever St Kitts will PCC 1800 of St Christopher's / Thomas son of Thos T of Antigua admitted Lincolns Inn 1800 / 8.1.1797 Joseph Herbert of Montserrat = miss Ann Tucket, separated same year (Cajon diary St Kitts) / 15.8.1803 J W Tuckett of St Vincent = miss Twigg of Guilford St Queen Sq / will PCC 1803 Elias T of Tottenham High Cross, nephew John T of Bristol grocer & his 6 sons & his sisters Mary & Sarah, nephew Wm Hancock in America, dau Eliz Mary Tuckett Hancock shopkeeper of Falmouth dated 8.11.1797, codicil niece Mary T married to Veale 7.4.1799, witness Ann Whitehead a Quaker / Nicholas T = Martha Hole St Geo Han Sq 15.10.1809 / Philip Debell Tuckett son of James T & Anna married 2.8.1774 Society of Friends Bristol Ester Champion, she was buried Bristol 24.5.1798 age 52. PBT grocer of Plymouth took appr 1771 haberdasher of Bristol voted Cruger & Burke 1774 voted Cruger Bristol St Michael 1780 grocer of Bristol took appr 1786 married 2ndly 1800 Esher Surrey Eliz Wright, he was buried 29.11.1816 Bristol / thanks to Phil Jones for pointing out the marriage 18.12.1815 at St Pauls Perth, Scotland of Thomas Duncan, procurator fiscal, and Eliza dau of Thomas Tuckett, King's Counsel and President of the Island of St Christopher. Their son Thomas Smith Duncan became Crown Prosecutor of the Province of Canterbury in New Zealand, and founded the law firm Duncan Cotterill in Christchurch NZ which still exists today

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Hello Ed

Fantastic stuff. What a fascination project.

I am interested in the Tuckett family, especially G. L. Tuckett and his father William. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction to find out why 500 people demanded W. Tuckett's resignation in St Kitts? If it is not an issue, would you mind me asking where you found the information? 

All the best




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hello Naomi,

lucky i spotted you, my website's been up for nearly 3 months and recently i've had over 50 spam comments advertising shoes, viagra etcetera. I deleted most without looking at them but I checked the three that had a personal name and the other two were also spam, they used quite appreciative comment to lead you in to the ad. You're my first genuine comment!

By searching on Tuckett in Gale Databases' British Newspapers 1600-1900 I found a report in St James Chronicle 25.1.1766 repeated in Lloyd's Evening Post 27.1.1766 and Public Advertiser 28.1.1766 about the 'mob' in St Christopher's who insisted on burning all the stamps. I don't know enough about the stamps to know why they hated them, probably they were a form of tax. You have to have a subscription to access Gale Databases but I've no idea what it costs to individuals, I work mostly at the Bodleian Library in Oxford which costs £35 a year plus you have to convince them you're a bona fide researcher, but then you have access to all their subscriptions. If you can't access it yourself let me know and i'll type out the report for you

I've also found a witness statement by a woman called Elizabeth Webbe Tuckett spinster of Great Russell Street Bloomsbury London aged 29 in 1801 in a divorce case of French v French at London Metropolitan Archives DL/C/288. A cousin of hers married a sister of James French. She was perhaps a niece of William Tuckett's as she's not one of the 4 children in his will but Josiah Webbe Tuckett is. He was articled as a clerk to his grandfather Benjamin Follett of the Inner Temple on 17.4.1795, then on 31.1.1814 I have a note of him as barrister of 66 Upper Guilford St London and planter of Berbice in South America. Afraid I haven't noted the sources but it's probably Ancestry, which you should be able to get in larger public libraries.

I plan to put an article in my blog section giving a tutorial on my research methods. Another of my sources for Tuckett was Caribbeana, a magazine from around 1916 that has lots of genealogical information on West Indian families, I scoured it for Tuckett and put most of that in my work notes. I found it in Rhodes House Library in Oxford which I can access with my Bodleian ticket

Do keep asking, or if you know of any Tuckett connections to Tobin, Leader, White, Scott, Matthews, Montagu, Godwin or Stoddart let me know, they were the supper guests at Tobin's on 21.4.1796 when Tuckett turned up

cheers edward

Naomi is researching some of my husband's family and sent me your address.


James Tobin and William Tuckett are connected through their wives. 

James Tobin married Elizabeth Webbe daughter of George Webbe

Frances Webbe  married Lowman their daughter, Martha married William Tuckett.


Hope this helps you.






I'm looking for a Thomas Tucker (Captain) son of Thomas and Ann Tucker, born in St. Christopher Island, West India.

The only document I have is his marriage with Henriqueta Sofia Van-Nés in Portugal, Lisbon, on the 26th February 1809.

Would you be so kind to help me find something about him? Perhaps his birthday date?

Luis San Payo


Wed, 11/02/2015 - 21:07

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don't really have the time to help but try googling caribbeana, a genealogical magazine of the west indies from a hundred years ago which i believe is all online and may be searchable or indexed

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Hi Ed!

Just found your site!

I have been searching for information on my Great Great Great Grandparents, William and Mary Tuckett.  Here is the information I know for sure on them:

This is my Great Granparent's marriage:

Lennox & Addington Co, 1915

8601-15 William Henry Crosby TUCKETT, 36, fisherman, Bath, Bath, s/o William E. TUCKETT & Margaret JOHNSTON married Dora HAWLEY, 20, Cloyne, Bath, d/o James HAWLEY & Emma LEVEAR, witn: Charles JOHNSTON of Bath & Mrs. J. H. H. COLEMAN of Napanee, 10 April 1915, Napanee

This is my Great Great Grandparents Marriage:

Lennox & Addington Co., 1877

005929-77, William Elias TUCKETT, 27, King Twp York Co, Bath, fisherman, s/o William & Mary TUCKETT married Margaret JOHNSTON, 24, Donegal Ireland, Bath, d/o John & Mary J. JOHNSTON, Wit: Alex. JOHNSTON & Elizabeth JOHNSTON both of Bath, Nov. 24, 1877, W. Meth. Parsonage, Bath


I believe my Great Great Great Grandfather, William, was born in Exeter, Devon, England.......but this is just a guess........it was England, I believe though, because we think they are related to this family some how. 

TUCKETT,Elias m PERRETT, Mary, Ide, 22 Mar 1829    


TUCKETT, John, chr 14 Apr 1831 Saint Paul, Exeter, Devon, England

TUCKETT, Nancy Laskey, chr 6 Oct 1833 Saint Mary Steps, Exeter, Devon,


TUCKETT, George Elias William, chr 9 Dec 1835 Saint Mary Steps, Exeter,

Devon, England



Can you give me any tips on where to start searching for information? 

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,



hi deborah, i've looked a bit on familysearch.org to try and help you out, there were lots of elias tucketts around. Why do you think you are related to the Exeter family you mention? Mary Perrett seems to have been Elias Tuckett's 3rd wife, he married Sarah Addicott at St Davids Exeter 1816 and they baptised and buried a child Nancy Laskey in 1819, then he married Ann Lake at St Davids 1825. An Elias Tuckett married Mary Laskey at Tiverton in 1783 so they were probably the parents of Elias who married Mary Perrett. I haven't tried Ancestry on this yet as I have to swap libraries to do that. But you need to find a baptism for a William as that was the name of yr gt gt gt grandfather. will post more in a few days

now i've looked a bit on ancestry but not enough, i already see i was wrong in the reply above. the Elias who was father of John 1831, Nancy Laskey 1833 and Geo Elias Wm 1835 was born about 1808 so was too young to be the Elias who married Sarah Addicott in 1816. he was a tallow chandler in Exeter in 1841 census and a chandler in Hamilton Ontario in 1851 census, with wife Mary each time. The son Geo Elias Wm was an apprentice shoemaker in 1851 and a tobacconist in 1861, married Elizabeth Leak and died 19.2.1900 all in Hamilton Ontario. They appear on the tree of Carol Fay Hoodless and also on a Hope family tree on Ancestry where they have been mixed up with another Elias Tuckett and wife Mary in the 1861 census in Devon, but that one was born at North Bovey and his father was probably Nicholas. There is also a source cited as the tree of L Michelle Fraser on the internet but I couldn't find that. There were lots of Tucketts in Devon and Elias was one of their favourite boy's names

Hi Ed!

Thanks for the reply!

The reason I thinnk that my William Tuckett is related to George Tuckett is that growing up the family always said they were.  Also when my GreatGrandfather William Crosby Tuckett died in 1933, he left my GreatGrandmother, Dora, with three teenage girls to raise, yet she never had to work and she owned a house and land in Bath, Ontario.  So we figured there must have been some money left to her from William.  We were also told that the Tuckett family did not approve of William marrying Dora and they disowned him.  Wecalso know for sure that our William Tuckett graduated university.

I found the tree of L. Michelle Fraser and did not see a link to my William.  Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: InterneTree: L michelle Fraser

Thank you for your help.  I see this will not be an easy reseach for me.

Take Care,


Looking on Ancestry in the 1851 canada census there were two couples both elias and mary tuckett, one in King township (elias born 1814 england / mary born 1816 england / john born 1840 england / mary born 1845 england / william born 1847 ontario / sarah j born 1851 ontario) and one in Hamilton (elias born 1809 england / mary born 1808 england / john born 1834 england / george e born 1836 england). The Hamilton family can be followed through the 1861 and 1871 censuses and are the tallow chandlers from Exeterin the 1841 england census. the King family vanish by the 1861 census except for  William age 13 in 1861 on his own, then he was a fisherman age 21 on his own, one of those is in Ernestown Lennox & Addington, and your william married in King township then in 1881 census was a builder. Looks to me like william the fisherman lost his whole family when he was a child and when he married he thought his father's name was william and he was only 27 not 30. His father elias is unlikely to have been a younger brother of elias the tallow chandler of Hamilton but could well have been his nephew. If you can find any burial records for King township 1851-61 (i'm guessing you live in canada) they might reveal what happened. There was also an elias and mary in Chagford Devon in 1861 england census but they are clearly different from the age and birthplace of their children, that is the family the Hope family tree confuses with the tallow chandler. Since there was also elias tuckett marrying at St Davids Exeter in 1816 and 1825 it would also be worth looking at St Davids baptism registers for those years. Elias seems to have been a family name among various tucketts who may all be related if you went back far enough. Chandler or tallow chandler just means grocer or general store, including candles

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Clarification - I I believe it must be George Lowman Tuckett that visited James Webb, Toby in 1796.  They were second cousins.

Ann Hudson

Valerie (not verified)

Fri, 26/07/2013 - 11:19

Hi Ed,

I have just stumbled upon your information, and I am thinking you may be able to help us find our 'lost' relatives.

Maria Tuckett, daughter of Josiah Webbe Tuckett, married Major Henry Smith in Madras, India.

They had 2 daughters - Emily Georgina Smith and Minna Maria Smith

They also had 1 son, Alexander Hammond Smith, who is my great grandfather..

After the death of Major Henry Smith, at sea, Maria and her daughters, as far as we knew, left India and went to Europe.  Alexander came to Queensland, Australia. We had no further information, until recently, when I found Henry & Maria's marriage notice on an East India Company website - it stated who Maria's father was... hence I am emailing this to you now.


hi valerie i'll probably send you some stuff next week, i'm on holiday this week and don't have access to my usual sources. one thing though, you should always mention DATES!!! your comment mentions names but not a single date, (just the year or approx if not sure would do) cheers edward