Crabb Robinson Diary

Forbes, Miss

HCR 12.5.1826 HCR's guests to supper "Flaxmans, Masqueriers, a Miss Forbes, Blake, Sutton Sharpe"
          26.5.1829 at Brighton Mrs Masqueriers youngest brother just returned from Italy "Some of the family of Sir Charles Forbes came in and a Miss Ashburnham"

Flaxman, Mary Ann

HCR diary 20.6.1818 "a call on Miss Flaxman"
                    24.2.1820 "at Flaxman's - I saw only Miss Fl: and Miss Denman"
                 13.12.1820 "went to Flaxman's with Aders"


HCR diary   1.8.1813 HCR said Maria Fordham "delightful"
                      3.8.1813 HCR said Harriet Fordham "charming" &c
                   25.8.1823 "called on Mrs Fordham of Hodsea"
                   30.5.1823 at "Mrs Fordham's lodgings. Mrs J P Wedd was arrived"
                     2.6.1823 "called on Mrs J Fordham"
                   23.6.1823 "left with Sophia Fordham a letter for Mrs Thornton"
                   26.4.1824 Miss Fordham died of typhus at Bury St Edmunds

Field, Barron

HCR diary 8.1.1828 walked with B Field to Mrs Blake, shortly after the death of William Blake (DNB 1757-1827) "We found that the Job is Linnell's property and the print of Chaucer's pilgrimage hers - Therefore Field bought a proof and I two prints at 2 and a half guineas each - I mean one for Lamb"
Barron Field (DNB 1786-1846)


HCR diary 29.10.1814 Mr & Mrs Fazy returned from Salonica
                      20.6.1818 at Aders "The Schunks, Platts, Mrs Fazy, Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"
                      22.7.1821 "Mrs Fazy has obtained a comfortable situation as superintendent of rich children by which provision is secured to her"

Chance, Robert Lucas

HCR diary 10.6.1824 (at James Gillman's in Highgate where Coleridge lived) "There was also a Mr Chance who broke out at last by an opposition to Mr Ir: which made the good man so angry that he exclaimed 'Sir I reject the whole bundle of your opinions'"


HCR diary 29.12.1821 "Evening at Aders - the Masqueriers, Jenkins and a Mr & Mrs Dubusson were there - musick and engravings produced"
I found two or three possible couples. Thomas Du Buisson of Lawrence Pountney Lane merchant died 1843 at Newcastle upon Tyne age 65, his will PCC 1843. His father Peter will PCC 1813 of Glynhir, Carmarthenshire) had married Margaret Birt on 2.6.1775 at Newland, Gloucestershire, and he married Elizabeth Birt on 23.10.1809 also at Newland. In the 1841 census they were both living at Wandsworth Common.

Eaton, Richard

HCR diary 14.6.1822 at Aders "The Miss Lanes there - Miss L. senr is a governess at Mr Eaton's near Newmarket"
                   18.1.1828 at Cambridge called on Miss Lane visiting at Tyrwhitt's, Mr & Miss Eaton there

Fayle, Charlotte

HCR diary 9.1.1840 "yesterday I saw only Miss Fayle"
see Babington (QV*)

De Quincey, Thomas Penson

HCR diary 13.2.1823 musical part at Aders "De Quincey whom I met lately was to have accompanied me"
Presumably Thomas Penson De Quincet (DNB 1785-1859)