Godwin Diary


23.3.1810 dine at Johnson's, w. Maddocks
This was quite possibly William Alexander Madocks DNB 1773-1828 Whig MP for Boston famous for reclaiming land at Tremadoc in Wales and quite an enthusiatic reformer. One of his brothers Joseph was active in amateur theatricals, the eldest brother John Edward cut his own throat in 1806. There was a Richard Maddocks auctioneer at Coleman-st buildings, a Henry Maddock barrister of Lincolns Inn whose son Henry put himself forward as a candidate to succeed Fox in Westminster 1806, and a Walter Maddocks c.1745-1823 actor on the London stage


26.3.1810 Horrocks calls
Possibly the MP for Preston and cotton manufacturer Samuel Horrocks History of Parliament 1766-1842 or his son Samuel 1782-1817 who was buried at Chiselhurst, Kent. His address in his will and his father's in 1811 directory was cotton manufacturers of 9 Bread-st Cheapside. No other Horrocks in London trades directory 1811or in bbti. A Christopher Horrocks was discharged from the Kings Bench debtors' prison in 1809

Pashley, miss

28.3.1810 J Johnson, H, W & P Hopwood dine; adv. mrs Topping, L(ouisa) H(olcroft), V(illiers), miss Pashley & Jas Hopwood


mrs Horwood (R Wilson) 11.9.1805 at mrs Grimsby's, Stowmarket
Rebecca & John children of Robert Horwood & Hannah were baptised 1799 at Chelsworth Suffolk some 8 miles south of Stowmarket
30.3.1810 Horwood calls / 1.4.1810 again / 29.12.1810 seek Horwood


2.4.1810 dine at Tipper's, Cumberland, Bligh, Dr & mr Davis,  H Robinson, Crowe & J Richter / 18.4.1810 Curran, Cumberland, Wolcot, Bligh & T(homas) T(urner) dine


2.4.1810 dine at Tipper's, Cumberland, Bligh, Dr & mr Davis,  H Robinson, Crowe & J Richter / 31.5.1813 write to Crowe

Davis, Dr & Mr

2.4.1810 dine at Tipper's, Cumberland, Bligh, Dr & mr Davis,  H Robinson, Crowe & J Richter
Perhaps David Daniel Davis DNB 1777-1841 or perhaps John Bunnell Davis DNB 1777-1824. Less likely John Ford Davis DNB 1773-1864. Another (medical?) doctor in London (Holdens 1811) was Dr John Davis 23 Cato-st, Edgware-rd. See my entry for Bligh


25.3.1810 call on Domville (for C Ft)
Probably Alderman William Domville 7 New Ormond-st 1742-1833 had been bookseller and Master of the Stationers Company, became Lord Mayor of London 1813. I suggest that C Ft was Charlotte widow of Joseph Fawcett DNB 1758-1804 and it should be added to her person record on GD website (although she hadn't appeared in Godwin's diary since her husband died in 1804, but he noted her death in 1824, when she was living in Hornsey-road). Domville was from St Albans and Mrs Fawcett from nearby Ware, so that might suggest a connection.


21.2.1810 Sidney calls
Holdens directory 1811: George Sidney printer 1, Northumberland-st Strand (will PCC 1823) / John Sidney attorney Furnival's Inn / John Apsley Sidney attorney 98 Norton-st, Portland-pl & 2 Beaumont-st Devonshire-pl / Marlow & William Sidney, colour merchants, Star & Garter-yd Ratcliff Highway / Hon. J. S. Sidney 17 Clarges-st / Mr Daniel Sidney 12 Mercer-st Long Acre / James Sidney esq 9 Percy-st / R. C. Sidney esq 5 Mortimer-st Cavendish-sq / William Sidney esq 2 Wellclose-sq / Mr Sidney 45 Manor-pl Walworth


6.3.1810 Gold calls / 12.7.1810 again / 24.7.1810 call on Gold / 15.2.1811 again / 19.2.1811 Gold calls / 13.6.1811 call on Gold / 16.7.1811 M(ary) J(ane) calls on Gold / 24.9.1811 call on Gold / 3.10.1811 call on Gold: Gold calls / 18.10.1811 call on Gold / 15.11.1811 again / 26.12.1811 seek Gold / 27.12.1811 call on Gold / 29.2.1812 again / 2.3.1813 again
Perhaps Joyce Gold printer 103 Shoe-la from 1799 to 1823 (bbti) & bookseller (SunFire 1808), Joyce Gold stationer 5, Gt Eastcheap (SunFire 1812)