Godwin Diary


27.1.1810 Guildhall, Didier
Bankrupts Peter Didier & William Tebbett of St James-st booksellers, January 27 at eleven at Guildhall. They specialised in children's games and children's books in English, French & Italian. Strange that Godwin hadn't noted the name before as it was his line of business and he may have been a creditor

Mullett, Thomas

Thomas Mullett has a person record but it doesn't give much information about him. He was a stationer in Bristol and a Baptist who married Mary Evans in 1768 and died a merchant of St Mary Axe, London at Clapham in November 1814 buried Bunhill Fields aged 69. His will PCC 1815 mentioned four children. Mary Ann widow of John Jeffries Evans (see Evans); Sarah; Frederick born 1781; and Jane who married James Webbe Tobin DNB 1767-1814 in 1807 (the DNB has her name as Mallet).

Voisey & Rontgen

28.1.1810 tea Boinville's, w. Newtons, Voisy, T(homas) T(urner), M(ary) J(ane), F(anny) & C(harles) / 18.2.1810 H(arriet) Boinville, mrs Newton, 4 Colliers, H(enry) Robinson, Voisy, T(homas) T(urner) & H(annah) Hopwood, evening / 24.2.1810 Voycy calls / 22.3.1810 Voycey calls / 30.3.1810 Voycey & Turner sup / 29.4.1810 Newton & Voycy call / 13.6.1810 T(homas) T(urner) & Voycy call / 1.7.1810 coach, w. H(arriet) Boinville: Bishopsgate Heath; adv. 2 Voisys, 3 Lambs & T(homas) T(urner) / 5.7.1810 coach, w.


30.11.1809 Tisley calls / 3.12.1809 again


6.12.1809 call on Ruffigny / 10.3.1810 call on Rouffigny / 21.9.1810 call on Roufigny / 24.4.1811 meet Roufigny / 26.7.1812 call on Roufigny / 12.1.1816 again / 18.2.1816 call on Roufigny (w. M(ary) J(ane))
The Abbé Francis de Rouffigny kept an academy for teaching French at 17 Castle-street Holborn from 1808 to 1821 and at other addresses before and after that. Ruffigny was also the name of a character in Godwin's novel Fleetwood (1805) said to be a portrait of Jean Jacques Rousseau.


10.10.1809 write to Saffory / 24.1.1810 again / 4.4.1810 again / 30.7.1810 again / 10.11.1810 again / 4.1.1811 again / 19.1.1811 again / 28.2.1811 again / 28.3.1812 write to Saffery
Probably James Saffery bookseller Canterbury (bbti). Bankrupt 1811

Christian & Hope

5.1.1810 call on Christian / 5.5.1810 write to Withers, Holt: call on Christian (Hope) / 6.5.1810 write to Withers, Holt /  7.5.1810 call on Hope, D C, w. Jo(seph) G(odwin) & T(homas) T(urner) / 8.5.1810 D C, w. T(homas) T(urner) / 9.5.1810 write to Withers, Holt / 14.5.1810 write to Withers, w. administrations


18.11.1809 call on Hamilton
Coded on GD website to Samuel Hamilton printer. After the fire at his works in 1803 he seems to have moved to Shoe-lane in 1805 but by 1809 he had probably moved to Weybridge, and this call is in a string of calls on booksellers, so was probably Thomas Hamilton bookseller 37 Paternoster-row or less likely Alexander Hamilton bookseller 14 & 15 Temple-pl Blackfriars-rd


18.11.1809 call on Highley
In a string of calls on booksellers so probably Samuel Highley medical bookseller 24 Fleet-st (bbti)


18.11.1809 call on Bickerstaff
In a string of calls on booksellers so probably Robert Bickerstaff bookseller 210 Strand (bbti)