7.8.1806 Brian & Mulready call
The only Brian in Godwin's diary. There are a number of examples of O'Brien and O'Briens but none of Brien Briens Brians O'Brian or O'Brians. No reason to think Brian was connected to Mulready who may have just happened to call on the same morning.


12.10.1806 Bray at dinner at H Tooke's

Egan, John

6.10.1806 call on Curran: adv.. Egan, Jennings, Paul & Bosville / 12.10.1806 sup at Egan's, w. Curran / 17.10.1806 dine at Paul's w. Curran & Egan / 18.4.1808 call on Curran, adv. Egan
Very likely John Egan (DNB 1754/5-1810)


8.10.1806 call on Curran (talk of H S) / 25.10.1807 Curran calls, talk of C M

Canning, Stratford

Stratford Canning of Clements Lane proposed Society for Constitutional Information 11.8.1780 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

Coghlan, Rev.

Rev Coghlan proposed Society for Constitutional Information 26.2.1790 by Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe

Brennan, Dennis

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Dennis Brennan 39 Poland St (Crispin) ratebooks 1796-1800 / Dennis Brennan wid = Lambeth 26.10.1801 Sarah Hart wid botp banns / Dennis Brennan (married man) bur 5.3.1811 St Marylebone age 64 / the name is distinctly Irish

Carey, William Paulet

CURRENT TEXT "became an engraver."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In London in 1784 he worked for *John Raphael Smith*, producing two stipple engravings after *Thomas Rowlandson*.>
CURRENT TEXT "after getting into trouble with this society in 1793, Carey fled to Philadelphia,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In 1794 in order to avoid prosecution himself for publishing 'Address to the volunteers' by *William Drennan* he became a witness for the prosecution in Drennan's trial for sedition, and subsequently fled to Philadelphia,>

Bonham, John

John Bonham junior of Hammersmith proposed 25.10.1793 by Charles Sinclair 2nded Thomas Holcroft. John Bonham was the oldest son of Francis Warren Bonham by his first wife Mary Ann Leslie, born about 1769 probably in Ireland and matric at Merton College Oxford 1785. F W Bonham Land Tax Hammersmith 1791-99, his will PCC 1810 of Bath.

Adamson, William

William Adamson of Dublin proposed Socy Const Info by John Farnell Tuffin 9.11.1792 2nded William Tooke / 1773 William Adamson of Carpenters Company Dublin voted for Redmond Morres as MP Dublin City / subscr 1790 to "Evidences of the Jewish and Christian revelations" by Rev Henry Murray, Dublin / Irish subscr to Olaudah Equiano 1793 /