LCS & other radicals

Hagen, John

Nat Arch TS 11/965/3510A (Thale p 149) Hagen of Gravel lane, a baker for the military forces at Plymouth, who was to distribute pamphlets there
John Hagen muffin maker Old Gravel lane Ratcliff Highway SunFire 1782
John Hagen, Land Tax Old Gravel Lane St George in the East 1796 to 1808

Davenport, Efward & Joshua

E Davenport, printer, 6 George Court, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell on list of LCS contacts, 2nd edition of report of the LCS general meeting at St George's Fields 29.6.1795, At General Committee 2.6.1795 a Davenport was deputed to absent Div 22 and was nearly voted onto the Exec Cttee. On 6.8.1795 a Davenport elected to Exec Cttee. At General Cttee 13.8.1795 Bustle in place of Davenport became delegate of Div 3. Exec Cttee 27.8.1795 Davidson printer sent letter complaining at Davenport using position on Exec Cttee to underquote him.

Cornfoot, James

Nat Arch HO 42/30/100 f255  letter from James Hartley to Dundas with list of visitors to Newgate prison state side who were notorious Jacobins (Thale page 161note says it was list of people keeping LCS papers). James Cornfoot, coal merchant, Tottenham Court Road
There seem to have been several people called James Cornfoot in London at the time. One was a baker in Marylebone, and one a coal dealer, with also a son called James, in St Pancras.
the coal dealer James Cornfoot


Thale Selections page 291,  27.8.1795 N Clayton in list of names wishing to establish a Division at the Fountain, Virginia Row, Shoreditch
William Satcher of Spitalfields cordwainer took appr Nathaniel Clayton 7 yrs from 25.6.1777 premium £6
Nathaniel Clayton otp bach = Shoreditch 23.6.1794 SarahXFowkes otp sp banns wits Richard & Sarah Hughes
Sarah Mary dau of Nathaniel & Sarah Clayton of Saunders Gardens born 21.5.1795 bapt Shoreditch 21.7.1795
page 299, 3.9.1795 Clayton admitted to sitting of LCS General Committee


Thale, Selections 13.1.1795 Cherton 38 Bethnal Green Road, signatures & subscriptions. No other trace of this person found

Charman, Peter

HO 42/30/75 f193-4 anonymous letter to prime minister William Pitt. Peter Charman friend of John Richter had 60 pikes in his father's house, George St, York Buildings
Peter Charman jeweller York Buildings voted 1774 Cotes, SunFire 1777 Duke St, York Bldgs, 1780 & 1784 Villiers St voted Fox, 1788 George St voted Townshend, 1790 & 1796 George St voted Fox. Will PCC 7.11.1812 of George St, York Bldgs mentioned wife Elizabeth.

Booth, Aaron

The four paragraphs below don't have to be the same person, but the name was rare so they may be, and same trade between first and last para

Aaron Booth bapt 20.4.1766 Selston Notts son of Joshua & Mary (née Leiven), older brother Caleb Booth 1764-1846 in 1841 census at Selston, (son?) a framework knitter, Thos Saxton joiner of Alfreton, Derbys took appr Aaron Booth 17.5.1780 for 7 years. (Alfreton just 3 miles from Selston)
Aaron Booth = St Geo Han Sq 1.2.1789 MargaretXBrookshaw botp banns wit Thos Rice

Ballard, Theophilus Green

John Ballard = Chelmsford, Essex 27.5.1765 Sukey Lobb botp

Banks, Henry

4.9.1794 Henry Banks tailor gave evidence to LCS for John Groves (accused of being a spy and acquitted but later revealed to have been a spy)
Henry Banks tailor Crown Court, Bow Street    SunFire 1787
         do.                Martletts Court                     voted 1788 Hood
         do.                      do.                                  SunFire 1790, 1791
         do.                      do.                                  voted 1790 Hood & Tooke
         do.                      do.                                  voted 1796 Fox

Lymans, James Howard

(see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale pages 117-118 engraver, 16.8.1833 now nearly 70 yrs old, vagabond, wife & 2 daus dead)
James Howard Lymans son of James & Elizabeth Lymans bapt 14.4.1765 St Bride's born 28.3.1765 New Street
James Lymans of New St Square St Brides stationer & chandler will PCC 13.8.1772 wife Elizabeth. He was son of Francis Lymans peruke maker of St Clement Danes and apprenticed 1748 to Francis Cogan stationer.
James lymans of St Dunstan i t West bach = St Geo Han Sq 12.4.1761 Elizabeth Hammatt otp sp by Archbishop lic