Mill Voters 1802

Byfield, Edward

Edward Byfield of New Brentford plumped for Burdett

Bennett, Richard

Richard Bennett of Twickenham Common
No clues yet, see other Bennett Mill voters?

Boham, Chistopher Frederick

Christ. Fred. Boham of New Brentford
UBD 1791 CFB gingerbread maker, Brentford

Bolton, William

Wm Bolton of Kingston
See Bolton, Thomas / will PCC 1794 of WB publican of Epsom dated 19.5.1790 mentioned wife Sarah sons William & James / Land Tax redemption 1798 Gigg Hall, Kingston WB, prop Mrs Legh

Bell, William

William Bell of New Brentford
WB bach otp = 4.4.1796 at St Mary Ealing by banns to Elizabeth Nibbs otp sp / John William s of WB & Elizabeth born 4.11.1798 bapt 16.12.1798 Ealing

Burrow, Samuel

Samuel Burrow of Richmond plumped for Burdett
Sarah age 84 wife of Samuel Burrow bur Uxbridge 28.1.1810 / Samuel Burrow = 20.11.1820 St Pancras Elizabeth Sankey

Bolton, Thomas

Thomas Bolton of Richmond plumped for Burdett
Thomas son of George Bolton bapt Richmond 26.7.1772 / TB bach of Richmond = 18.1.1795 Isleworth Elizabeth early sp otp (licence dated 19.1.1794) / TB bur Mortlake 9.2.1795 / Criminal Register Apr 1803 TB age 27 born Surrey goldsmith arrested for theft died in Newgate last September before trial / TB age 67 from Workhouse bur Richmond 27.9.1833

Bowler, John

John Bowler of Hounslow plumped for Burdett
Land Tax Heston 1802 JB £5 pa freehold 1814 £11 pa freehold. This suggests he would have been entitled to a vote as a 40 shilling freeholder without a Mill share so there may have been two John Bowlers in Heston parish (where Hounslow is). A John son of Thomas & Dinah Bowler was bapt Heston 27.1.1782 so this may have been the Mill voter age 20, as Dinah dau of John & Dinah Bowler was bapt 11.3.1792 Heston, Dinah Bowler was buried 17.10.1794 Heston and Elizabeth dau of John & Elizabeth Bowler was bapt 23.9.1804 Heston.

Ballard, Charles

Charles Ballard of Richmond plumped for Burdett

Bailey, Thomas (Hounslow)

Thomas Bailey of Hounslow plumped for Burdett
Land Tax 1802 Heston TB £4 pa prop Francis Collar / Albany Congregational Chapel, children of Thomas Bailey farrier in Old Brentford(blacksmith in 1793) & Sarah were Elizabeth bapt 28.12.1777 Sarah bapt 20.5.1779 Thomas bapt 9.2.1781 Anna Maria bapt 29.3.1787 Betsy bapt 1.2.1789 Jane bapt 5.7.1791 Emily bapt 19.12.1793 John Bolden bapt 6.7.1795