Mill Voters 1802

Bailey, Thomas (Hounslow)

Thomas Bailey of Hounslow plumped for Burdett
Land Tax 1802 Heston TB £4 pa prop Francis Collar / Albany Congregational Chapel, children of Thomas Bailey farrier in Old Brentford(blacksmith in 1793) & Sarah were Elizabeth bapt 28.12.1777 Sarah bapt 20.5.1779 Thomas bapt 9.2.1781 Anna Maria bapt 29.3.1787 Betsy bapt 1.2.1789 Jane bapt 5.7.1791 Emily bapt 19.12.1793 John Bolden bapt 6.7.1795

Batter, Thomas

Thomas Batter of Richmond plumped for Burdett
Land Tax redemption Richmond 1798 Batter occ, Hickeys Trustees prop / Ann d of TB & Gertrude bapt 17.8.1788 Richmond Ann Batter age 40 of Hill St bur 23.4.1829 Richmond / Thomas s of TB & Gertrude born 10.1.1794 bapt 9.2.1794 Richmond Thomas Batter infant bur 21.8.1794 Richmond / Maria d of TB & Gertrude bapt 2.7.1797 Richmond Maria Batter age 10 bur 10.5.1807 Richmond

Batt, Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller Batt of Hounslow
TMB cooper Hounslow UBD 1791. Land Tax Heston 1802 Thomas Batt freeholder of £19 occupiers James Spencer, Mr Archer, Mr Barrow. Thomas s of Thomas & Susannah Batt bapt Heston 30.6.1771. The Mill voter could have been the son as the father would have been entitled to vote as a freeholder.

Ball, Daniel

Daniel Ball of Richmond, plumped for Burdett, had 3 shares in Mill.

Brown, Thomas

Thomas Brown of Hounslow
Land Tax Lampton, Heston 1794 and 1804 TB £2 pa prop John Rogers. George son of TB & Ann bapt Heston 17.10.1773 Thomas son of TB & Ann bapt Heston 6.7.1777 William son of TB & Ann bapt Heston 20.6.1790 TB widow otp = 18.1.1807 Heston by banns Elizabeth Anderson wid otp witness Robert Brown

Bullen, William

William Bullen of Richmond

Banck, Thomas

Thomas Banck of Richmond plumped for Burdett
Mary dau of Thomas & Sarah Bank bapt Richmond 9.9.1787 / William son of Thomas & Sarah Banck born 18.9.1785 bapt Richmond 13.10.1795 / Land Tax redemption Richmond 1798 Thos Bank occ, Eliz Bank prop / Thomas Banck age 7 bur Richmond 19.12.1801 / Thomas Banck age 50 bur 25.12.1803 / Thomas Banck of Water Lane age 93 bur Richmond 10.12.1816

Blacker, George

George Blacker of Hounslow
Thomas Blacker Land Tax Heston 1801, 1802 £3 pa prop Wm Knight

Beaseley, John

John Beaseley, Twickenham
Olive Beazley Syon Row Twickenham 1841census  independent means age 50

Bailey, Thomas

Thomas Bailey of Isleworth
Land Tax Isleworth 1793 TB £5 pa prop Mr Knevett / William s of Thos & Elizabeth Bailey born 7.1.1798 bapt 20.5.1798 Isleworth (Wm's widow Hannah 1843 settlement in Warwickshire) / Rosina Bailey otp sp (her mark) = 22.10.1805 Isleworth by banns William Butter otp bach / TB bur 2.8.1820 Isleworth / TB bur 4.1.1843 Isleworth