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Beville, William

Rev William Beville at Mr Barrell's Gt Queen St proposed 9.5.1783 by John Cartwright 2nded Jackson Barwis. Born 1755 Hempswell, Lincs, his mother Ann was a widow by 1774. Fellow of St Peter's Cambridge. In 1782 he published "Observations on Dr Johnson's Life of Hammond" in which he defended the poems of James Hammond DNB 1710-1742 against Samuel Johnson's dismissal. Hammond's poems had been written to Catherine Dashwood (d.1779) whose niece Ann had married John Cartwright in 1780, see note on p8 of Beville's pamphlet.

Bellas, George

George Bellas of Doctors Commons proposed 8.3.1782 John Horne Tooke 2nded John Redman. Father of George Bellas Greenough DNB 1778-1855. Born 16.11.1750 bapt 17.12.1750 St Gregory by St Paul of George & Elizabeth / He married Sarah Greenough 16.5.1776 at St Bride Fleet St. Proctor of Doctors Commons, active in Common Council, notary public, Bill of Rights supporter, died 12. 7.1784 at Bristol Hot Wells in his 34th year no PCC will buried Clifton, Glos 15.7.1784. Public Advertiser 17.9.1784 widow of George Bellas died 2 months after her husband.

Beaver, James

Rev James Beaver of Corpus Christi College, Oxford proposed 27.6.1783 by  John Baynes 2nded Jeremiah Batley.  Son of Rev James Beaver (died 1777) curate of Lewknor. Oxon and his wife  Jane (died 1818) dau of Rev Thomas Skeeler (will PCC 1758). He matric at Oxford 1773 age 12, BA 1777, MA 1781, BD 1790. His younger brother was Philip Beaver DNB 1766-1813. His sister Catherine married 25.9.1794 John Gillies DNB 1747-1836. In 1800 he became rector of Childrey, Berks and on 4.1.1803 he married Henrietta Mary Halsey of St Mary Ash, Surrey there.

Bakewell, Benjamin

Benjamin Bakewell of Cornhill proposed 30.3.1792 by James West 2nded John Farnell Tuffin. Family details from Ancestry user-submitted tree are slightly contradictory and I haven't checked all sources. Apparently born 1.8.1767 of Joseph & Sarah (nee Woodhouse? or nee Cartwright?) and died 19.2.1844 Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He certainly was admitted to Drapers Coy London by redemption 20.3.1792 as son of Joseph, grocer of Derby, deceased. Lowndes 1792 BB linen draper 5, Cornhill. (Sun Fire 1791 there) 1792 BB of Cornhill life member of Unitarian Socy..

Bakewell, William

William Bakewell of Burton on Trent proposed 22.6.1792 by Benjamin Bakewell 2nded John Horne Tooke. WB of Burton subscr 1787 to poems of Elizabeth Smith, Birmingham. WB subscr 1789 to Abraham Bennet's New Experiments on Electricity. WB of Burton subscr 1790 to Edward Harwood's Discourses on St Paul. WB member of Unitarian Society 1792.

Banks, Thomas

GODWIN DIARY 10.1.1796 adv mrs & miss Banks at Holcroft's / 7.5.1797 adv mes Banks at Hts
Elizabeth Hooton 1748-1834 married 1766 Thomas Banks DNB 1735-1805 sculptor. Their daughter Lavinia born in Rome 1774 married 3.8.1799 at St Geo Han Sq, the Rev Edward Forster
Thomas Banks of Newman St (DNB 1735-1805 sculptor) was proposed SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION 28.9.1792 by William Sharpe 2nded John Horne Tooke. See his person record in Godwin Diary website and my Background Article Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses

Barnard, Samuel Cumberland

Samuel Cumberland Barnard of Norwich was proposed 10.1.1794 by Francis Weldon 2nded George Williams. He was born 9.1.1775 and baptised 12.9.1775 at the Old Meeting House Independent, Norwich son of John & Mary (see Barnard entry in Godwin Diary dataset). A Samuel Barnard (also his uncle's name, born 1751) was buried 8.8.1805 at Weasenham, Norfolk.. Another Samuel Barnard dissenting minister died 7.7.1807 at Sheffield (Gents Mag 1807 p689)

Barwis, Jackson

Jackson Barwis of Snow Hill and Clapham was proposed 26.4.1782  by Samuel Shore 2nded Edward Hall. Bapt 31.1.1739 Cockermouth Cumberland son of John Barwis, married Ann Smith sp of St Anne Soho by lic 18.1.1762 St Marylebone. their dau Jane Jackson Barwis born 23.7.1768 bapt 7.8.1768 St Anne Soho, dau Frances born b13.4.1764 bapt 1.5.1764 there (she later married Rev matthew Wilson fellow of Trinty Cambridge). Grocer in Compton St Westminster coroners jury 1762. Grocer Snow Hill SunFire 1778. Their dau Elizabeth bapt St Sepulchre 11.6.1770.

Bayley, Thomas Butterworth

Thomas Butterworth Bayley of Hope nr Manchester proposed 3.11.1780 by Thomas Bentley 2nded William Gillam. See Dictionary of National Biography 1744-1802

Baynes, John

John baynes of grays inn proposed 29.11.1782 by James Martin 2nded Samuel Shore. Dictionary of National Biography 1758-1787