Hogan, Thomas Cockerell

The GD website has Hogan as an Idenified Person but knows almost nothing about him.The mentions of Hogan in Godwin's diary were approx 200 from 16.3.1812 to 12.2.1816, most of these were Hogan calling on Godwin, and taking tea and supper with him. 24.8.1814 was the last time Hogan came to Godwin, after which Godwin wrote to him a few times, called on him once, and heard from him via others (mostly Charles Clairmont). While Hogan was coming regularly to Godwin's, Godwin only called on him a few times and wrote to him a few times.

French, Thomas & Margery

SWEDENBORGIANS:  Margery Georgina Grace French bapt New Jerusalem Chapel 24.3.1801.  Intellectual Repository for the New Church 1826 p.438 obituary (by S Noble) of Mrs Margery Georgiana Greece French, died 12.12.1826 at her lodgings in Lisson Green in her 78th year "widow of a clergyman of the Church of England, from whom she had been separated, for many years before his death, under circumstances of the most trying and painful nature".

Finch, John & Elizabeth

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 22.12.1793 John Finch & Elizabeth Finch

Freeman, Virtue

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 28.7.1790 Virtue Freeman

Fullilove, George

SWEDENBORGIANS: George Fullilove on committee of Conference held April 1792 in Great Eastcheap, London

Fletcher, James

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel James Fletcher bapt 19.6.1791 born 7.2.1755 of William & Elizabeth

Faddy, Charles

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel Charles Faddy bapt 23.3..1794 born 17.2.1775 of Peter & Elizabeth Faddy


SWEDENBORGIANS: John Ferguson one of 77 signatories to New Chuch 7.12.1788. New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 25.12.1788 John Ferguson. bapt 31.7.1796 Mary Ann Ferguson born 28.10.1769 London of James & Mary Ann Rager.


SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 9.12.1798 Sophia-Ann Fisher born 5.2.1790 William Bonington Fisher born 21.4.1794 & Laurence Tuck Fisher born 9.5.1796 all of William & Sarah Fisher of 6 Red Lion St Clerkenwell. Jane of William & Sarah Fisher born 1.1.1799 bapt 17.2.1799

Foster, Thomas

SWEDENBORGIANS: Thomas Foster one of 77 signatories to New Chuch 7.12.1788. New Jerusalem Chapel Thomas Foster bapt 9.8.1789