A-Z of Entries

Ball, John

SWEDENBORGIANS:  John Ball was in the printed list 7.12.1788 of 77 people. John Bail was bapt 25.12.1788 New Jerusalem and Phebe Bail of Benjamin & Elizabeth was bapt there 29.3.1795.

Rev John Ball minister of Jewry St Chapel died 3.4.1811 buried Bunhill Fields11.4.1811 age 42 of Commercial Rd. Surman Index born 1770 Windsor, Berks, at Mile End Academy under Stephen Addington (who was ther 1783-1790) Plunkett St Dublin 1789, Westburey, Wilts 1792-7 Jewry St 1801-1811. SunFire 1807 Benjamin Ball gent 4 Mitford Pl, Tott Ct Rd 1817-1820 gent 3 Winckworth Pl, City Rd

Banham, Daniel

Daniel Banham was one of the 18 additional signers at the 1789 conference to the 77 printed ones of 7.12.1788. He was bapt 25.12.1788 New Jerusalem

Banks, Benjamin

Benjamin Banks DNB 1727-95, musical instrument maker of Salisbury, in the printed list of 77 in 1788 and the conference minutes of 1789. No mention of Swedenborg in DNB article

Banning, Thomas

Thomas Banning of Liverpool on 1792-3 Swedenborgian conference list 

Barrell, Colborn

Colborn Barrell born 6.11.1735 Boston, Massachusetts, son of John B 1707-81 and Ruth (Green) 1208-73 / CB = Elizabeth Langdon 20.10.1764 Portsmouth, New Hampshire / 1774 Boston protester against the Solemn League & Covenant / 30.1.1777 memorial to Lord North / 27.1.1787 CB of James St Bedford Row merchant late of New York bankrupt, certificate in March / one of the 18  who signed 1789 conference in addition to the printed list of 77 / 24.6.1789 signed Plan for Community in Africa, with C B Wadstrom,August Nordenskjold and Johann Gottfried Simpson (Prussia) / CB at  24 Threadneedle St…


Barthelemis 14.1.1802 at Fenwick's (& Plumptres, Fells)

Surely Francois Hippolyte Barthelemon DNB 1741-1808. He lived at Vauxhall not far from the Fenwicks. In the context of other plural names the misspelling still suggests some of his family were present. His first wife died in 1799 and his daughter Cecilia DNB 1767-1859 had married Edward Prentis Henslow in 1797, though she may have still been known by her stage name to Godwin. Barthelemon married secondly on 4.4.1802 Sarah Ray of Kingsland, Hackney. By this time he was a Swedenborgian and his two children by her were…

Bartlett, John

Ann of John & Mary Bartlet bapt 31.7.1791 New Jerusalem / Hannah of John & Sarah Bartlett brn 26.9.1795 bapt 8.11.1795 New Jerusalem / John Bartlett = 14.1.1793 St Anne Soho Sarah Playstead

Bateman, Samuel

Samuel Bateman born 1744 of Benjamin & Mary bapt 14.6.1795 New Jerusalem / Louisa Bateman born 7.2.1797 of Samuel & Leah bapt 12.3.1797 there / Saml Bateman = 3.7.1791 Allhallows, London Wall Leah Carver

Beatson, Robert

Robert Beatson of Rotherham, Secretary of Conference 1789, Committee 1790 / RB = 1.6.1778 Emley, Yorks Ann Beatson / subscr 1791 to Sullivan's Flights of Fancy / 1803 chemists, brewers & glassmen bankrupt / RB bur 7.2.1805 Ecclesfield Yorks  / 1815, 1818 oil of vitriol manufacturers (Robert, John & Thomas B) / will PCC 1827 John B, chemists, Masbrough, Rotherham / 1828 fire in premises / RB jr born 1779 died 1850

Bell, William

William Bell 1788 in printed list of 77 /  WB bapt 19.10.1788 New Jerusalem /  Ebenezer Bell bapt there 8.2.1789 / Thomas Bell bapt there 1.2.1793 /  Ann born 20.3.1781 and Mariah Jane born 19.9.1782 of Thomas Bell & Mary at St George Martyr bapt New Jerusalem 27.4.1794 / Ann  bapt 16.4.1781 Anna Maria bapt 27.10.1782 of Orange St, St Geo Martyr Queen Sq / SunFire 1785 Thomas Bell carpenter, Devonshire St, Queen Sq / SunFire 1785 Ann Bell china & glass warehouse Orangew St, Red Lion Sq  


23.9.1795 Bellamys at John King's / Bellamy at Thomas Cooper's 15.11.1810

Juliana Frances Bellamy spinster of Edmonton began a Chancery suit (Nat Arch C 13/14/3) 10.3.1802 against John King of Portland Place and the Marquis of Donegal, referring to a marriage bond to the tune of £40,000 made between her and the Marquis, then Lord Belfast, which was entrusted to King. In King's reply he said that Miss Bellamy had boarded in his house in October 1793 and some years previously and was appreciated for her singing and piano playing. The contract she made with the Marquis was invalid…

Bembridge, Samuel

Samuel & Elizabeth Bembridge in 1788  printed list of 77 /  Samuel B bapt New Jerusaem 15.6.1788 / John B and Mary Ann B bapt there 29.6.1788 / Matthew Robert B of Samuel & bapt there 29.4.1789

Bewley, Ann

Ann Bewley bapt  2.8.1791 New Jerusalem

Blake, William

GODWIN DIARY: Heath (& Blake) at theatre 14.11.1805

see my entry for Blake, Arthur to whom the above entry is coded on GD website. More likely to have been William Blake DNB 1757-1827, Heath was a friend and fellow-engraver.

SWEDENBORGIANS: William Blake and his wife Catherine were among the 18 who signed the 1788 Swedenborgian New Church Conference along with the 77 printed names.

GREATER SOHO: see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

William Blake 28 Poland St ratebooks Xmas 1785-1790


The journal of John…

Blank, Samuel

Samuel Blank bapt 12.10.1794 New Jerusalem

Bond, Benjamin

Benjamin Bond 1788 in printed list of 77 / BB PCC 1810 ironfounder Bristol / BB PCC 1835 St Marylebone / BB PCC 1838 Clapham buried Bunhill Fields 23.5.1838 age 76 from Blackman St Southwark / Holdens 1799 BB Esq South Lambeth / 1790, 1793 BB Connissioner of Land Tax London / Wakefields 1793 BB cabinetmaker Ratcliffe Highway

Bostick, John

John Bostick of Bolton, Lancs Swedenborgian conference 5.9.1791

Bowes, Thomas

GODWIN DIARY:  24.5.1795 see Thos. Bowes

SWEDENBORGIANS:  15.10.1794 St Vedast Foster La TB otp bach = lydia bird otp sp wits Dl Richardson E Richardson. from the witnesses clearly the Swedenborgian who bapt with wife Lydia 2 children at Cross St chapel Hatton  Garden, Mary born 5.9.1797 in St Luke's bapt 24.9.1797 and Maria born 14.5.1799 of Pear Tree St Goswell St bapt 9.6.1799. probably the TB Goswell St land Tax 1804-1818 / New Jerusalem Magazine 1829 p93 died 21.1.1829 at her residence in St John St Clerkenwell in her 50th year Mrs Lydia Bowes (had been Swedenborgian 30 or 40…

Bragg, John

John Bragg of Birmingham at April 1792 Swedenborgian conference appointed a Director of the Church

Brand, Isaac

Isaac and Mary Brand 1788 on printed list of 77, 1792 letter to New Jerusalem Journal p165 signed Isaac Brand, Liverpool /  Isaac Brand bapt  31.7.1787 New Jerusalem / Mary Brand bapt 8.6.1788 there /  Elizabeth B of Isaac & Mary born 26.7.1790 bapt 15.8.1790 there / Ebenezer B of Isaac & Mary bapt 24.7.1791 there / Isaac Brand otp bach = 24.2.1788 St James Paddington by banns Mary Cobbing otp sp wits Saml Cobbing (see Cobbing, Samuel), Wm Bryan / SunFire 1794 Isaac Brand jeweller 7 Pear Tree Court Clerkenwell / Morning Post 13.11.1794 Isaac Brand watch jeweller 29 South Audley St…