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Faddy, Charles

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel Charles Faddy bapt 23.3..1794 born 17.2.1775 of Peter & Elizabeth Faddy

Charles son of Peter Faddy bapt 22.3.1775 St Sidwell, Exeter. Peter Faddy of St Sidwell Exeter will PCC 1803 mentioned only wife Mary and dau Sarah. Charles Faddy = St Geo H Sq 28.1.1809 Charlotte Mary Payne sp wits Ann Faddy, John Woods. Holdens 1811 Charles Faddy publican Gt Marylebone St. Charles Faddy died 24.9.1839 bur St Mary Mag bermondsey 29.9.1839 age 64 of Camberwell. His will PCC 1839 of 11 Albany Pl, Albany Rd Surrey gent mentioned Catherine Payne sister of…

Fawcett, William

SWEDENBORGIANS: Intellectual Repository 1826/7 p 425 obituary of Major General W Fawcett "among the earliest readers of the writings of Swedenborg in this country; having first met with them, probably through the channel of a public advertisement, about the year 1780." But not a "receiver" of the doctrines till 1811. and then, according to this obituary, his family also adopted them and he held them till his death on 1.10.1826.

Born 1750 eldest son of Sir William Fawcett (DNB 1727-1804).. Commissioned in the 3rd Guards, studied at Gottingen and Paris, aide-de-camp to General…


SWEDENBORGIANS: John Ferguson one of 77 signatories to New Chuch 7.12.1788. New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 25.12.1788 John Ferguson. bapt 31.7.1796 Mary Ann Ferguson born 28.10.1769 London of James & Mary Ann Rager.

James son of Nathaniel Rager weaver of Ch Ch Spitalfields appr 1754 to John Hardy of Clockmakers Coy. James Rager bach = St Clement Danes 27.10.1767 Mary Delehoy widow. Mary Ann dau of James & Mary Rager bapt 26.10.1769 St Sepulchre, London. SunFire 1780 James Rager victualler, Printing House Lane, Blackfriars, London. John Ferguson wid = Greenwich 9.5.1794 Mary Ann…

Finch, John & Elizabeth

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 22.12.1793 John Finch & Elizabeth Finch


SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 9.12.1798 Sophia-Ann Fisher born 5.2.1790 William Bonington Fisher born 21.4.1794 & Laurence Tuck Fisher born 9.5.1796 all of William & Sarah Fisher of 6 Red Lion St Clerkenwell. Jane of William & Sarah Fisher born 1.1.1799 bapt 17.2.1799

William Fisher lapidary Union Ct Holborn took appr 1794 Jno Clifft. Bapt St John Clerkenwell 4.5.1790 Sophia Ann 24.8.1794 William Bonnington 31.7.1796 Laurence Tuck all of William & Sarah Fisher. George Exelby watch jeweller 6 Red Lion St Clerkenwell, 1790 Bailey's directory. (Red Lion St…

Flaxman, John


JOHN FLAXMAN (1755-1826)
CURRENT TEXT "his marriage in 1782 to Ann Denman"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his marriage at St Anne's Soho on 6th June 1781 to Ann Denman>

January 2015 the DNB has adopted my suggested change but not credited me in the references

SWEDENBORGIANS: Flaxman was one of the attenders at the Theosophical Society from 1783 mentioned in William White's Emanuel Swedenborg vol 2 p599-600. The DNB article doesn't mention his connection to Swedenborg except by footnote reference to his correspondence at Swedenborg…

Fletcher, James

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel James Fletcher bapt 19.6.1791 born 7.2.1755 of William & Elizabeth

Foster, Thomas

SWEDENBORGIANS: Thomas Foster one of 77 signatories to New Chuch 7.12.1788. New Jerusalem Chapel Thomas Foster bapt 9.8.1789


Freeman, Virtue

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 28.7.1790 Virtue Freeman

A rare name so perhaps the Virtue Freeman bapt 6.11.1761 Luton of George & Phillis, married 14.10.1794 at Luton Robert Dixon, their children George bapt 19.8.1795, Dianna bapt 6.2.1799, John & Francis bapt 10.3.1805 all at Luton, Virtue Dixon bur 11.1.1824 Luton, Robert Dixon bur 1.5.1826 Luton. Presumably another Virtue Freeman = Luton 8.10.1797 Thomas Kingham and a Virtue Kingham was buried 29.1.1828 at Luton age 75. There was also a Virtue Freeman bapt 22.4.1720 Luton of George & Elizabeth but she was…

French, Thomas & Margery

SWEDENBORGIANS:  Margery Georgina Grace French bapt New Jerusalem Chapel 24.3.1801.  Intellectual Repository for the New Church 1826 p.438 obituary (by S Noble) of Mrs Margery Georgiana Greece French, died 12.12.1826 at her lodgings in Lisson Green in her 78th year "widow of a clergyman of the Church of England, from whom she had been separated, for many years before his death, under circumstances of the most trying and painful nature".

Marjory dau of John Sangster & Isobel Milne bapt 22.8.1749 Montrose / Thomas French bach = St Pancras 4.10.1784 Marjory Sangster sp botp banns…

Fullilove, George

SWEDENBORGIANS: George Fullilove on committee of Conference held April 1792 in Great Eastcheap, London

The rare name Fullilove found in Yorkshire and in Birmingham / Coventry area. George Fullilove served as a schoolmaster at Harbor Grace, Newfoundland for the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts in 1784 but had returned to England by Feb 1785, see the published reports of that Society. George Fullilove cutler bur 25.10.1739 Sheffield. George son of John Fullilove cutler bapt 29.7.1748 Sheffield. George Fullilove of Sheffield age 27 = Ecclesfield,…