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26.8.1807 100 Fabs &c
Presumably copies of Godwin's work written under pseudonym Edward Baldwin Fables Ancient & Modern

Faddy, Charles

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel Charles Faddy bapt 23.3..1794 born 17.2.1775 of Peter & Elizabeth Faddy
Charles son of Peter Faddy bapt 22.3.1775 St Sidwell, Exeter. Peter Faddy of St Sidwell Exeter will PCC 1803 mentioned only wife Mary and dau Sarah. Charles Faddy = St Geo H Sq 28.1.1809 Charlotte Mary Payne sp wits Ann Faddy, John Woods. Holdens 1811 Charles Faddy publican Gt Marylebone St. Charles Faddy died 24.9.1839 bur St Mary Mag bermondsey 29.9.1839 age 64 of Camberwell. His will PCC 1839 of 11 Albany Pl, Albany Rd Surrey gent mentioned Catherine Payne sister of…


Fagan 15.11.1804 at H Rowan's / 30.12.1805 again / 17.1.1806 again
Perhaps one of the Irish Catholic family of Fagan in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland. Patrick Fagan who died 1770 had ten sons, the eldest Christopher Alexander 1733-1816 will PCC 1816 was said to be the father by Madame Roland of Hyacinthe Gabrielle (died 1816) who became the mistress about 1785 of Richard Wellesley DNB 1760-1842 and married him in 1794 by which time she had had five children by him. The second son was Stephen merchant of Cork died 1811 whose sons James died 1822 and Patrick died 1808. The third son…

Fagg, Frederick

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Frederick Fagg of Twickenham
Frederick Hunt Fagg bur 29.7.1845 Twickenham age 86. Universal British Directory 1791 Frederick Fagg, TAYLOR Twickenham. Frederick son of Frederick & Anne Fagg bapt 17.9.1800 Twickenham. Land Tax 1804 Twickenham Frederick Fagg landlord Mr Newton rent £1.5s. 1841 census London Rd, Twickenham Frederick Fagg tailor age 80, Ann age 75, William age 35, Margarett age 30. Anne Fagg bur 9.4.1843 Twickenham age 81

Fairfield. Mrs

call on mrs Fairfield 31.3.1798 with Basil Montagu / 23.5.1814 mrs Fairfield calls (& Sarah Elwes)
Eliza (nee Massey or Morsey? Ancestry user-submitted tree) wife of George Fairfield, whose will PCC 1822 barred his wife and children and left all to Margaret Ann Cook spinster of The Cottage, Bexley Kent. He died at Bexley 26.7.1821 aged 62. The obvious inference is that Miss Cook was his mistress but she might have been a goddaughter or other protegee. However his widow was not penniless; the Morning Post of 2.3.1804 reported that Mrs Fairfield of Hertford St had given a select…

Falconer, William

26.9.1791 M R of Falconer on Climate.
Dr William Falconer DNB 1744-1824 wrote Remarks on the Influence of Climate (1781). It was reviewed in the Monthly Review of Jan 1782


Falkener, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Falkener of Bishopsgate St proposed 27.9.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield
The will PCC 1756 of Lyon Falkener of St Botolph without Bishopsgate mentioned his wife Hannah and her mother Sarah White widow. Lyon Falkener bach of St Andrew Undershaft = Chelsea 30.9.1750 Hannah White sp of St Mgt Westmr by lic. Lyon Falkener was admitted to the Fletchers Company of London on 20.11.1750 and his son Edward born 22.7.1751 was made free by patrimony on 4.8.1772. Lyon Falkener merchant Bishopsgate Without was in 1752 directory…

Falkner, Matthew

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Matthew Falkner Esq of Manchester proposed 6.6.1788 by Richard Sharp 2nded John Lodge Batley
There appear to have been two or three Manchester tradesmen called Matthew Falkner, the SCI memeber was certainly the bookseller of 6 Market Place from 1773, but in that year there was also a timber merchant of Brasen Nose St and a check & silk manufacturer of High St. One of them may have been the Matthew Falkner who married Ann Harrop 24.(9?).1764 at Manchester, both of Manchester by lic.The bookseller & stationer was active 27.12.1787 in the…

Fancourt. Olivia

O Fancourt 1.12.1798 at hers with Chandler. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1798 / 4.12.1798 again / 9.12.1798 again / 21.12.1798 tea at hers / 26.12.1798 dine at hers with Chandler / 27.12.1798 tea at hers adv Chandler / 18.1.1799 call on Chandler & O Fancourt (neither in) / 19.1.1799 Chandler & O Fancourt dine / 31.1.1799 Mrs F affirms that the subjects of the Mahometan princes in India are all Moors, & the subjects of the Hindoo princes all Hindoos / 1.2.1799 dine at Fancourt's / 22.6.1799 tea at O Fancourt's with Chandler, Circus with C(handler) & O(livia) / 10.9.1799 dine at…


17.9.1807 Fargues calls / 8.10.1807 again / 29.10.1807 call on Fargues

Francis Peter Fargues copperplate printer & engraver 48 Berwick-st (St James Westmr P O directory 1810). Age 26 of St Botolph Aldgate he took a license to marry Sarah Downing 5.6.1782. Bankrupt 1824. A Francis Peter Fargues was still on electoral register at Berwick-st in 1842, he was dead by 1853 (Standard 14.1.1853)

Farrer, William

MILL VOTERS 1802:  William Farrar of Ham
William Farrer victualler of Isleworth 6.1.1786 Old Bailey sessions witness 26.10.1791 Middlesex Sessions bail / Land Tax 1798 Ham & Hatch William Farrer rent £7 landlord John Otto Bayer 1799-1808 Ham & Hatch William Farrer rent £10 landlord Thos Taylor 1810-1813 Ham & Hatch Mrs Farrer rent £10 landlord Thos Taylor / William Farrer bur 12.1.1809 Kingston on Thomes

Faulder, Robert

12.3.1810 dine at J White's, w. Faulder &c / 13.7.1810 call on Faulder / 11.10.1810 again / 13.10.1810 Faulder calls / 16.11.1810 again / 26.11.1810 again / 2.12.1810 write to Faulder / 3.8.1811 again / 27.11.1811 again / 18.12.1811 call on Faulder (not seen) / 20.12.1811 write to Faulder / 24.12.1811 Faulder calls / 4.1.1812 write to Faulder / 3.4.1812 meet Faulder / 29.6.1812 write to Faulder / 5.1.1813 again / 1.2.1814 Faulder calls / 15.9.1815 seek Faulder / 16.9.1815 again / 18.9.1815 again / 3.11.1815 call on White, adv. Faulder
Robert Faulder bookseller 46 New Bond-st.…

Faulkener, Francis

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Francis Faulkener of Isleworth
Francis Faulkner bur 30.9.1803 Isleworth


Faulkner 6.1.1800 at O Fancourt's
One of the guests whom Chandler considered too many (see Fancourt, Olivia). Several Faulkners in the DNB could have been him at a pinch, (Thomas F 1777-1855 Arthur Brooke F 1779-1847 Joshua Wilson F 1780-c1820) though none of these very convincing.

Favell, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Favell of Tooley St proposed 25.10.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Henry Keene not elected, proposed again 6.2.1784 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Jebb
GODWIN DIARY: 5.11.1790 Favel at Rev Socy / 10.5.1811 call on Favel /  12.10.1826 Favel adv at Guildhall.
John Favell of Tooley St slopseller (i.e.2nd hand clothes dealer) of Tooley St will PCC dated 5.5.1781 mentioned wife Jane sons John & Samuel sister Sarah Chapman widow of Bearbinder Lane, London, nieces Mary & Martha Camm, 3 nieces daughters of brother Walters, proved 8.3.1794.…

Fawcett, Thomas & Isaac

GODWIN DIARY: 8.4.1796 at Thos Fawcett's with Powel, Bedder / Fawcett 17.1.1795 at Powell's with Thelwall, Bailey, Walker ( and compare 2.2.1795 Bailey Walker Bedder at Thelwall's) was Isaac or Thomas (see below) and not Joseph as coded on GD website
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Isaac Fawcett of Camomile St proposed 1.2.1793 by John Balmanno 2nded John Horne Tooke. Thomas Fossett of Pancras Lane proposed 15.3.1793 by Stewart Kyd 2nded John Balmanno
Isaac Fawcett of White Cross St articled 26.11.1783 for 5 yrs to Thomas Yates of New inn, authorised by his brother…

Fawcett, William

SWEDENBORGIANS: Intellectual Repository 1826/7 p 425 obituary of Major General W Fawcett "among the earliest readers of the writings of Swedenborg in this country; having first met with them, probably through the channel of a public advertisement, about the year 1780." But not a "receiver" of the doctrines till 1811. and then, according to this obituary, his family also adopted them and he held them till his death on 1.10.1826.
Born 1750 eldest son of Sir William Fawcett (DNB 1727-1804).. Commissioned in the 3rd Guards, studied at Gottingen and Paris, aide-de-camp to General…

Fayle, Charlotte

HCR diary 9.1.1840 "yesterday I saw only Miss Fayle"
see Babington (QV*)

Fazakerly, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Fazakerly of Salisbury proposed by Count Zenobio 24.6.1791 2nded John Frost
John son of Thomas Fazakerley of Ormskirk, Lancs matric Brasenose College Oxford 1.7.1774 age 17. His father Thomas was born Radcliffe but took surname Fazakerley on becoming heir to Nicholas Fazakerley DNB 1682-1767 his second cousin once removed (History of Parliament, John Nichols Fazakerley). John Fazakerly of Clifford St, St James gent voted Fox 1784. Public Adveriser 7.3.1785 John Fazakerley of Prescot, Lancs married at Swansea (Catherine) dau of Rev Dr…


HCR diary 29.10.1814 Mr & Mrs Fazy returned from Salonica
                      20.6.1818 at Aders "The Schunks, Platts, Mrs Fazy, Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"
                      22.7.1821 "Mrs Fazy has obtained a comfortable situation as superintendent of rich children by which provision is secured to her"
John Solomon Fazy married at Manchester Cathedral 15.7.1804 Eliza Becher (see Becher QV*) a sister of Carl Christian Becher (1770-1836) see Marquardt II p 442 where it says Crabb Robinson had met her In London in 1806 at Becher's, whose sister she was. He…