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call on Gaugain 20.12.1802

Most likely Thomas Gaugain DNB 1756? - 1810? or his brother Peter John Gaugain DNB1762-1813

Amendments to Oxford DNB

THOMAS GAUGAIN bap.1756?,d.1810?
CURRENT TEXT "(bap.1756?, d.1810?)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <(1756-1831)>
CURRENT TEXT "Peter Gaugain (b.1762)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Peter Gaugain (1762-1813)>
CURRENT TEXT "November 1809, and he probably died soon afterwards."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <November 1809. Gaugain had married his sister-in-law Marianne Ame Le Cointe at St Anne, Soho on 28 April…

Gawler, John Bellenden

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Capt John Gawler of Horse Guards proposed 16.11.1792 by William Bosville 2nded John Frost

See DNB Bellenden Ker 1764-1842 / Morning Post 3.2.1795 steward of dinner of Friends of Freedom to celebrate outcome of treason trials, J.B.Gawler, Staines / John Bellenden Gawler was prosecuted by Lord Valentia in 1796 for crim con with his wife, see the entry on George Annesley (Lord Valentia) in History of Parliament, and Godwin dined with Gawler at Lady Valentia's on 2/3/1803

CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 2.6.1829 at the Flaxman's Mr & Mrs Bellenden…

Gerrald, Joseph

11.5.1795 Gerald's com(e), Mackintosh, Maxwell, Fergusson, Perry & Ht / 20.5.1795 Gerald's com(e), Maxwell, Perry & Ht.

Committee to help Joseph Gerrald DNB 1763-1796 when he was being removed to Portsmouth ready for transportation to New South Wales

Amendments to Oxford DNB

CURRENT TEXT "companionship of his young daughter and friends."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <companionship of his friends, and of his infant daughter, who was probably Frances, born 6 August 1791 and baptised at St Marylebone 2 February…

Gisborne, Maria

see Reveley, Maria

Gunning, Miss

miss Gunning 9.4.1804 adv at H Rowan's

See Plunket

CURRENT TEXT "her marriage in 1803 to Major J. Plunkett from Kinnaird in co. Roscommon, with whom she had several children."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <her marriage on 5th November 1803 at St George Hanover Square to Major James Plunkett from Kinnaird in co. Roscommon, who had been arrested in London in 1798 for his part in the rebellion at Connaught. They had several children.>
NOTES See Godwin Diary dataset under Plunket


mrs Gurney 1.1.1800 at O Fancourt's

Perhaps the wife of John Gurney DNB 1768-1845 who was Maria daughter of William Hawes DNB 1736-1808. They were married at St Botolph without Bishopsgate on 11.12.1797, her first child was born 27.4.1799 and her second 16.8.1800. Most of the other Gurney wives would more likely have been in Norfolk. It could have been her mother-in-law Rebecca (nee Brodie) 1747-1814, but given the context of mrs Fancourt's the younger wife seems more likely. See Hawes for the visit of the miss Hawes' to Thelwall's in 1795, which suggests an adventurous spirit