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Adams, Joseph

3.8.1794 calls (&Ritson), / 12.8.1794 sup at Adams's / 27.8.1794 again (adv Zenobio) / 22.11.1794 at Tooke's trial / 28.3.1795 sup at Adams' / 9.6.1795 call on (after miss G) / 28.8.1795 call on (then sup at miss G's) / 30.12.1795 Adams jr at Newton's / 19.3.1796 sup at Adams' (after call on miss G) / 2.8.1801 Adams at Hill's
Joseph Adams DNB 1755x7-1818 was born 20.7.1756. son of Joseph & Susannah (dau of Timothy Rogers) (Dr Williams Registry 16.1.1760). He was proposed for Socy Const Info 6.2.1784 by Henry Amory, 2nded John Jebb. Count Zenobio's presence on 27.8.1795 as a…

Baldrey, Joshua Kirby

CURRENT TEXT "Baldrey must have been a widower when on"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Baldrey was already a widower when on 17 February 1795 he married Elizabeth Parsons, spinster, at St George's, Hanover Square. She was buried at Cambridge on 14 September 1806 aged 42. On>
CURRENT TEXT "left a large family."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <left a large family; three children were baptised at Cambridge and eight more on 3 May 1829 at Hatfield, a few months after their father's death.>

Barney, Joseph

JOSEPH BARNEY 1753-1829?
CURRENT TEXT "(1753-1829?)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <(c.1753-1832)>
CURRENT TEXT "Barney had married well before 1803 (a painting entitled Mrs Barney was shown at the Royal Academy that year) and his son"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Barney had married Jane Whiston Chambers (bap.1760-1839) at St Peter's, Wolverhampton on 3 August 1779 and his will named three sons and three daughters. His son>
CURRENT TEXT "He probably died in 1829, the last year he exhibited."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <He last exhibited in 1829, and died at Stanhope…


Barthelemis 14.1.1802 at Fenwick's (& Plumptres, Fells)
Surely Francois Hippolyte Barthelemon DNB 1741-1808. He lived at Vauxhall not far from the Fenwicks. In the context of other plural names the misspelling still suggests some of his family were present. His first wife died in 1799 and his daughter Cecilia DNB 1767-1859 had married Edward Prentis Henslow in 1797, though she may have still been known by her stage name to Godwin. Barthelemon married secondly on 4.4.1802 Sarah Ray of Kingsland, Hackney. By this time he was a Swedenborgian and his two children by her were baptised…

Batty, Robert

Battie at Morgan's 16.9.1794 / 17.3.1795 Godwin calls on Battie / 14.12.1804 Battie calls.
The first two are clearly same as Robert Batty - associated with miss Alderson each time. For the 1804 entry see Batty, John
Farington's diary Sunday 21.12.1794 Batty at Tooke's with Kyd and Pearson
Amendments to Oxford DNB
ROBERT BATTY 1762/3-1849
CURRENT TEXT "born at Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <born at Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland, and baptised there 17 January 1762, son of John & Elizabeth Batty.>

Bromley, Henry

ANTHONY WILSON 1750?-1814?
NOTES I have no clear suggestions for revising this article as all I can do is cast doubt on it and suggest some possibilities. The only evidence for Henry Bromley having been a pseudonym of Anthony Wilson comes from the Catalogue of Edward Evans DNB 1789-1835 who was only aged 4 in 1793 when Bromley's catalogue was issued, and from a manuscript note by Evans in his copy of Bromley's catalogue. This copy was in the collection of Sir George Scharf so was likely to have passed to the National Portrait Gallery; there are two copies of Bromley listed in the…

Brunton, Richard

1.7.1796 Mail with Merry & RB / 2.7.1796 dine at Bracon with Merry's, Louisa Brunton & Richard enfant / 23.7.1796 call on mrs Merry adv Richard & Sophia
The DNB article on John Brunton 1741-1822 gives the dates of his youngest son Richard as 1789-1859, but his death was reported in newspapers as occurring on 28.7.1846, one report said in his 58th year and the more detailed one said in his 56th year. His sister Sophia was born 19.6.1789 and baptised 9.8.1789 at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, so his more likely year of birth was 1791, which would make him about 5 years old…

Burke, Thomas

THOMAS BURKE 1749-1815
CURRENT TEXT "He died in London on 31 December 1815."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <He died in London in 1815 and was probably the Thomas Burke buried at St Marylebone on 30 July 1815 aged 66.>
NOTES See Gents Mag 1816 vol.1 p.89 where there is a heading '31 December 1815' followed by a different death notice, followed by another heading 'Lately', followed by the notice of Burke's death.

Carey, William Paulet

CURRENT TEXT "became an engraver."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In London in 1784 he worked for *John Raphael Smith*, producing two stipple engravings after *Thomas Rowlandson*.>
CURRENT TEXT "after getting into trouble with this society in 1793, Carey fled to Philadelphia,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In 1794 in order to avoid prosecution himself for publishing 'Address to the volunteers' by *William Drennan* he became a witness for the prosecution in Drennan's trial for sedition, and subsequently fled to Philadelphia,>

Dagley, Richard

CURRENT TEXT "Dagley, Richard (d.1841), genre painter and engraver, was an orphan and was educated at"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Dagley, Richard(1761-1841), genre painter and engraver, was born on 30 December 1761 and baptised on 29 January 1762 at St Margaret's, Westminster, son of Samuel Dagley, citizen of London in the Curriers' Company, and his wife Ann. His father was buried at St Andrew Holborn on 12 February 1762, and his mother married Roger Peck in 1765. On 8 March 1770 he was admitted to>
NOTES London Metropolitan Archives MS18218/10 and…

Dawe, Philip

PHILIP DAWE 1745?-1809?
CURRENT TEXT "on 25 August 1745"
SUGGESTED CHANGE < on 25 August 1745, or the son of Philip Dawe, brazier of Rowes Court, and his wife, Sarah, baptised at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey on 4 September 1748.>
CURRENT TEXT "said to have died in 1809."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <said to have died in 1809, or he may have been the Philip Dawe aged 71 from St Pancras who was buried at St Marylebone on 8 December 1819.>

Dayes, Edward

EDWARD DAYES 1763-1804
CURRENT TEXT "his widow, a miniaturist who had exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1797 to 1800, but of whom no further details are known."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his widow Sarah (nee Parker) whom he had married at St Mary Lambeth on 11 November 1786. She had exhibited miniatures at the Royal Academy from 1797 to 1800, and she married Joseph Garnett of Kirkland, Kendal on 18 December 1806.> NOTES Lambeth marriage specified Edward Dayes of St Paul Covent Garden, for his widow's marriage Lancaster Gazette 3.1.1807

De Wilde, Samuel

SUGGESTED ADDITION <For several years from 1807 under the name of 'Thomas Scrutiny' he produced prints for 'The Satirist' edited by *George Manners*.>
CURRENT TEXT "All that is known about his wife is that she was called Eleanor and that they had two children, Louisa Harriet (b.1801) and George James De Wilde (1804-1871)."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <He may have been the Samuel de Wilde who married Sophia Stevens at St James Clerkenwell on 26 April 1772, and had two daughters and a son Samuel c.1779-1845, who became a trumpeter and servant to…

Dibdin, Charles

CHARLES DIBDIN (1745-1814)
CURRENT TEXT "References to an earlier marriage have not been substantiated, and the relationship with Harriet Pitt was probably considered irregular, as she already had a child out of wedlock before she met Dibdin. At about this time Dibdin transferred his affection to Anne Maria Wylde (1757-1835), of Portsea, possibly a relative of the prompter James Wild, and quickly married her. They had at least one daughter, Anne (bap.1776)."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <At about this time Dibdin transferred his affection to Anne Maria Wylde (1757-1835), of Portsea,…

Dussek, Jan Ladislav

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
World 23.4.1792 tickets for Mr Dusseck's night from him at 30 Poland St / Jan Dussek DNB 1760-1812 pianist & composer. He had been in England since 1789 and married in August 1792 so probably moved from Poland St then. His landlady in Poland St was presumably Mary Wood (see my entry Wood, John & Mary)
Amendments to Oxford DNB (Sophia Justina Dussek 1775-1847)
Baptised St James 1.4.1803 Olivia Justinia born 20.9.1800 and Lucy Georgiana born 21.2.1803, both of John Louis and Sophia Justinia Dussek. In Highfill…


AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 see below
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Mr Eaton original member 1780 but missing from lists by 1783
No clear identification but Rev James Eaton chaplain to Nottingham Hospital subscribed 1787 to the Works of John Jebb. This James Eaton "of Middlesex" attended Merchant Taylor's School and Peterhouse Cambridge, and died 1816 according to Alum Cant. Another slim possibility could have been Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 or his father Daniel Eaton (c.1728 - c.1805) a prosperous stationer, or his grandfather…

Edwards, Thomas

27.2.1795 at Frend's.
Supposed by Ben Ross Schneider, "Wordsworth's Cambridge Education", and Kenneth Johnston "The Hidden Wordsworth" to be Thomas Edwards DNB 1759-1842, son of Rev Thomas Edwards PCC 1785, which is likely; but various writers have confused him with Rev John Edwards of Birmingham and stated that he helped Coleridge with the Watchman in 1796; and the DNB, following Alum Cantab, confuses him with another Thomas Edwards (Alum Ox) who was vicar of Aldford Cheshire for many years and died 1842. He was curate of Swavesey, Cambs and The Bury & Norwich Post of 5.4.1820…

Essex, Timothy

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset
Timothy Essex 2 Newman St Land Tax 1794 (only that year in a run of Robert Christie from 1791 to 1799, so probably a lodger, perhaps on the ground floor) / see Timothy Essex DNB c1765-1847 which says he and his sister Margaret and probably his parents (Timothy and Margaret) lived at 2 Newman St 1794-7 / 1792 Timothy Essex jun of York St, Marylebone musician took appr Jno Mather / Timothy Essex bach of St Marylebone = St Alphage Greenwich 14.9.1797 Jane Parr wit John Mather / children Thomas Parr born…

Fenwick, Eliza

GODWIN DIARY: them 16.7.1799 & 15.10.1800 underlined in GD website, should be coded to John & Eliza Fenwick / 22.7.1805 meet EE & O Fks probably meant Eliza and her daughter Eliza and son Orlando

The birth record of Orlando Fenwick in 1798 (Nat Arch RG4/4661 and RG5/36) stated his maternal grandparents were Peter and Elizabeth Jaco. The will of Peter Jaco, hosier of St Leonard's Shoreditch (Nat Arch PROB11/1080) proved in 1781 mentioned his wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth, father Nicholas, older brother Benjamin, sister Mary Wallis, brother Thomas and niece Honor.…

Flaxman, John

JOHN FLAXMAN (1755-1826)
CURRENT TEXT "his marriage in 1782 to Ann Denman"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his marriage at St Anne's Soho on 6th June 1781 to Ann Denman>
January 2015 the DNB has adopted my suggested change but not credited me in the references
SWEDENBORGIANS: Flaxman was one of the attenders at the Theosophical Society from 1783 mentioned in William White's Emanuel Swedenborg vol 2 p599-600. The DNB article doesn't mention his connection to Swedenborg except by footnote reference to his correspondence at Swedenborg Society…