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Ward, James

JAMES WARD 1769-1859
CURRENT TEXT "the middle of five children"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <the fourth of five children>
NOTES the five children were each baptised at a different church: William at St John Zachary 26.9.1762, Mary at St Michael Paternoster 17.2.1764, Ann at St James Garlickhithe 12.4.1767, James at Allhallows the Great 12.11.1769, Sarah at St Martin Vintry 7.11.1773

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset

Warde 6 Newman Street Land Tax 1799 / Farington diary p 1249 mentioned that Ward had taken Villeneuve's house in Newman St

Ward, William

WILLIAM WARD 1766-1826
CURRENT TEXT "he married the artist Maria Morland,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <he married the artist Maria Morland (1764-1832),>
NOTES Maria Ward of Winchester Row St Marylebone age 54 buried 5.3.1832 at Paddington Green St Mary. Her son Martin Theodore Ward exhibited from Winchester Row in the 1820s (Graves, RA,& British Institution). The age given is 14 years too young, but it stll seems a very likely identification.
CURRENT TEXT "Martin Theodore Ward (c.1799-1874), painter, was William Ward's eldest son."

Watts, William

5.8.1792 tea at Watts's / 21.7.1794 Watts's at Reveley's / 25.7.1794 at Reveley's adv Banks's & Watts's / 21.9.1794 at Holcroft's adv Ritson, miss Cooper & miss Watts / 22.10.1794 call on Watts / 1.1.1795 W Watts calls / 21.2.1795 at Holcroft's with Richters & Watts's / 1.7.1798 meet Watts / 8.12.1800 again / 28.5.1801 call on Watts / 28.7.1806 Thomas Turner sups; adv Watts, eng / 12.9.1814 Watts calls / 14.3.1815 call on Watts (Sion College) / 22.12.1819 Thomas Turner & Watts call / 18.10.1823 Watts calls / 25.11.1825 at Reynolds's adv Sinclair & 2 Watts / 23.11.1827…

Williams, Edward

CURRENT TEXT "his wife, Mary Ward (b. c.1764)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his wife, Mary Ward (c.1764-1832)>
NOTES she was buried Mary Sandbach at St James Piccadilly on 14.9.1832 her will PCC 1833. See her brother James Ward above for her baptism

Wilson, Anthony

see Bromley, Henry