Crabb Robinson Diary


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HCR diary 18.3.1832 "went to the Aders - the Knights were there"
                      2.6.1832 "called on Mrs Aders - the Knights there"
                    10.8.1832 "went to Mrs Aders - Knight there - consequently not much"
Knight was a very common name and these were the only times they were mentioned in HCR diary in connection with the Aders. It was shortly before Aders' financial problems became public. Nevertheless I could make a stab at guessing this was the family of Charles Knight (DNB 1791-1873)

Kiesewetter, Christoph Gottfried

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HCR diary 17.5.1822 "dinner party at Aders - a musical genius there Kiesewetter - whose performance when I was told it was super excellent I could perceive to be good"
Christoff Gottfried Kiesewetter 1777-1827 now most famous for the Stradivarius violin he owned. He was first violin at His Majesty's Chapel Royal Hanover and his first performance in England was at Drury Lane Theatre in 1821, see Morning Post 29.3.1821. He died in London in 1827

Kent, William

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HCR diary 27.5.1823  ascertained at William Kent's Counting House that Mr & Mrs K: from Bath were at Sam. Kent's - I went and took tea there, Mr & Mrs K: were looking well and seemed comfortable"
                      1.6.1823 the Kents at Kingsbury's
                      7.8.1823 of Mrs Aders' landscape painting given to Robinson "The execution capital, were it but of a subject equal to the view from the Java which Miss Kent gave me"
                 25.12.1823 the Jupps at Sam. Kent's

Lolly, William Martin

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HCR diary 11.11.1819 re: MrsAders "I incline to think her case when that of Lolly"
William Martin Lolly see Morning Chronicle 17.11.1812

Kelly, Montagu Henry

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HCR diary 11.11.1819 "At 9 I called on Mrs Smith and staid till late chatting with her. She made a confidential communication. She is going to marry A. this was hardly news, at the same time she told me some particulars of her real history. Her first husband Kelly the father of her daughter is still living. She was married to him at the age of 16. He was a most detestable fellow, attempted her life in Trinidad, governor Picton was her friend - consented to be divorced from - in Germany - has an allowance from his relations of a weekly sum on condition that he does not trouble them.

Kelly, Eleanor King

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HCR diary 21.4.1823 at Aders "I found there Ellen's aunt Miss Kelly of the Custom House - she is said to be a very amiable and worthy woman - she may be so - her appearance not altogether favourable - she is very bulky and wears expensive ornaments - her clothes rich but too gay - she is ever talking of great people and her ancestors - Sir Paulet the jailer of Queen Mary of Scotland - and is oracular too in uttering commonplace remarks but I should think she is good-natured and kind-hearted" Ellen and Mrs Aders "were both delighted with Miss K's visit and it is in several respects valuable

Jameson, Anna Brownell

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HCR diary 10.6.1823 Jameson entered picture at RA as honorary exhibitor so he could get in free to the exhibition. He had studied under Basil Montagu
                    11.7.1836 Mrs Aders "asked whether she should ask "(Mrs Jaffray)"to a bluestocking party and said she expected Mrs Jameson etc - I thought Mrs J: would like to see any person of literary name"
                    13.2.1842 Mrs Jameson "enquired not unkindly after the Aders and expressed sympathy with Mrs A: in her present efforts"

Kelly, Fitzroy

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HCR diary 7.7.1825 "Storks with whom I had a late tete a tete - We have it seems a formidable new man in a Mr Kelly. He is known to Mrs Aders - He has a large connection and is said to be a pleader"


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HCR diary  28.11.1812 diary typescript has at Flaxman's "the Pordens and Rays" this should be Kays
                      30.4.1813 Mr Kays Bedford St, Bedford Sq
                    21.12.1823 in Greenwich "left my card at Kay's"
                        1.1.1824 at Flaxmans "the Kays and the Franklins" "Mrs Kay looked almost as young as and handsomer than her daughter"
                      7.11.1824 at Greenwich "at Mrs Kay's met Mrs Franklin"


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HCR diary 25.12.1823 at Sam: Kent's "the whole Jupp family - Mr J: rather a low joker, but still a sensible man - very religious but yet remarkably coarse in his conversation - with a tendency to freedom of talk on sexual matters before his own sons. Three of them - two forward striplings - one a young architect - also 4 daughters - a fine family on the whole - Mrs J: was sighing all the day - it amounted nearly to groaning - for the loss of a favourite daughter two years ago!!"....."The whole Jupp family tremendous Irvingites"