Crabb Robinson Diary


HCR diary 6.1.1833 at Aders in lock up "at his place I found Lemme - I was pleased by the cordial manners of L: towards A: and that A: had made up his mind to carry into effect the agreement with Loevenhagen and Jameson - L: I found thought that I had offered too much and that A's engagement should be only honorary"
                 20.4.1833 wrote to "Lemme stating on what conditions and understanding I consented to become trustee for Aders"


HCR diary 3.3.1819 "I also called on Aders & Mr Howell for a few minutes"
                  26.5.1823 "returned to Chambers after a call on Mr Howell"
                25.11.1823 "Mrs John Howell's - Mr Howell who came afterwards asserted my pulse was low"
                10.12.1824 "called at Howell to speak to Mr Rotheram"
                  13.6.1825 "to Mr Howell's - the Pattisons were all there and the rest of the family" "evening at Mrs Thornthwaite's - heard all the Witham news - Ich glaube man wird Howell noch halten"


HCR diary 22.3.1838 "I have some hope of obtaining throughh L'Evesque an introduction to Seguire"

Lewis, John Frederick

HCR diary 7.10.1832 re Sir Thomas Lawrence "There is a letter by L: to J: Fred: Lewis at Mrs Aders 'I sincerely rejoice at your good fortune in securing the kind hospitality of Mr & Mrs A: and in having for your present companion Mr Gotzenberger of whose genius I have a most sincere admiration - The compositions that I saw of his pencil were in the purest taste yet with equal originality and power' "
Probably John Frederick Lewis (DNB 1804-1876)

Ley, Hugh

HCR diary 25.2.1826 "dined at Henry Rogers' at Highbury" a Dr Leigh or Lee among guests
                    25.1.1837 "The mortality of this season is unusually great - Dr Ley is gone"

Lawrence, Miss

HCR diary 11.7.1836 at Mrs Aders blue stocking party "Miss Lawrence"
                   27.9.1836 at Charles Baldwin's "Miss Lawrence there. She was aware of the expected failure of A: and I find Gilman takes out a friendly commission. I think it fortunate I was not in London - 'For' she says 'a few hundreds would have enabled them to go on'!! Had I been applied to I hope I should have had courage to refuse"

Lane, Miss

HCR diary 31.5.1822 at Aders "The two Miss     were there - the elder has a romantic face - They are great favourites with Mrs A: - we had whist - I read Wordsworth to the Miss     and we were regaled with delicious wine and a good supper - we came home late"


HCR diary 8.10.1831 "dinner at Aders, but Laurent the painter and a Mr Corbould were there so we had not much conversation"
                  13.10.1831 "Laurent who is cleaning A's pictures is in raptures at their excellence"


HCR diary 18.3.1832 "went to the Aders - the Knights were there"
                      2.6.1832 "called on Mrs Aders - the Knights there"
                    10.8.1832 "went to Mrs Aders - Knight there - consequently not much"
Knight was a very common name and these were the only times they were mentioned in HCR diary in connection with the Aders. It was shortly before Aders' financial problems became public. Nevertheless I could make a stab at guessing this was the family of Charles Knight (DNB 1791-1873)


NCR diary 21.5.1832 with Landor "We went first to Mrs A: and had the good luck to find her going to the gallery and we accompanied her - L: was exceedingly delighted with their pictures - some of which he declared with his usual exaggeration to be finer than Raphael etc however his judgement seemed in substance to be that of Mrs A: and I daresay they were pleased with each other"