Crabb Robinson Diary

Leclerc, Mlle

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 11 May, 1822

HCR diary 11.5.1822 at Aders where Kiesewtter performed "A Mlle Leclerc was also there - a fine girl who sang Italian airs with great spirit and effect - she is young & interesting and I have no doubt will excite a strong sensation when she appears - her performance was to me rather admirable than pleasing"
I could find no references to Mlle Leclerc in newspapers, musical dictionaries, or English deaths or marriages


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Thursday, 3 January, 1833

HCR diary 3.1.1833 "had a call from Aders he was apprehensive of being arrested by Loevenhagen. Would I be bail? Luckily I could say I was not qualified not being a housekeeoer"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 6 January, 1833

HCR diary 6.1.1833 at Aders in lock up "at his place I found Lemme - I was pleased by the cordial manners of L: towards A: and that A: had made up his mind to carry into effect the agreement with Loevenhagen and Jameson - L: I found thought that I had offered too much and that A's engagement should be only honorary"
                 20.4.1833 wrote to "Lemme stating on what conditions and understanding I consented to become trustee for Aders"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 3 March, 1819

HCR diary 3.3.1819 "I also called on Aders & Mr Howell for a few minutes"
                  26.5.1823 "returned to Chambers after a call on Mr Howell"
                25.11.1823 "Mrs John Howell's - Mr Howell who came afterwards asserted my pulse was low"
                10.12.1824 "called at Howell to speak to Mr Rotheram"
                  13.6.1825 "to Mr Howell's - the Pattisons were all there and the rest of the family" "evening at Mrs Thornthwaite's - heard all the Witham news - Ich glaube man wird Howell noch halten"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Thursday, 22 March, 1838

HCR diary 22.3.1838 "I have some hope of obtaining throughh L'Evesque an introduction to Seguire"

Lawrence, Miss

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Monday, 11 July, 1836

HCR diary 11.7.1836 at Mrs Aders blue stocking party "Miss Lawrence"
                   27.9.1836 at Charles Baldwin's "Miss Lawrence there. She was aware of the expected failure of A: and I find Gilman takes out a friendly commission. I think it fortunate I was not in London - 'For' she says 'a few hundreds would have enabled them to go on'!! Had I been applied to I hope I should have had courage to refuse"

Lane, Miss

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 31 May, 1822

HCR diary 31.5.1822 at Aders "The two Miss     were there - the elder has a romantic face - They are great favourites with Mrs A: - we had whist - I read Wordsworth to the Miss     and we were regaled with delicious wine and a good supper - we came home late"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 8 October, 1831

HCR diary 8.10.1831 "dinner at Aders, but Laurent the painter and a Mr Corbould were there so we had not much conversation"
                  13.10.1831 "Laurent who is cleaning A's pictures is in raptures at their excellence"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 18 March, 1832

HCR diary 18.3.1832 "went to the Aders - the Knights were there"
                      2.6.1832 "called on Mrs Aders - the Knights there"
                    10.8.1832 "went to Mrs Aders - Knight there - consequently not much"
Knight was a very common name and these were the only times they were mentioned in HCR diary in connection with the Aders. It was shortly before Aders' financial problems became public. Nevertheless I could make a stab at guessing this was the family of Charles Knight (DNB 1791-1873)


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Monday, 21 May, 1832

NCR diary 21.5.1832 with Landor "We went first to Mrs A: and had the good luck to find her going to the gallery and we accompanied her - L: was exceedingly delighted with their pictures - some of which he declared with his usual exaggeration to be finer than Raphael etc however his judgement seemed in substance to be that of Mrs A: and I daresay they were pleased with each other"