Godwin Diary


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13.11.1810 Readwin calls

Smith, Edward

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31.10.1810 call on Montagu; adv. Edw. Smith

See my entries for Smith, John Raphael and for Topping for E Smith on 30.4.1804 and 23.1.1809. There was also E Smith sleeps on 1.10.1811 probably associated with M Smith who first called that day then four times more up to 4.11.1811 which was ppc (leavetaking). Edw Smith could have been any of the E Smith entries but my guess tells me he was not. Otherwise Edward Smith appeared nowhere else in Godwin's diary. Some possibles below


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28.10.1810 sup at Collier's, w. Bakewel &c / 30.12.1810 Colliers, Bakewel &c dine / 4.5.1834 mrs Gaskell & Bakewel au soir (not seen) / 28.5.1834 dine at Gaskel's, w. Bakewel &c / 17.6.1834 mrs Gaskel & Bakewel call / 5.7.1835 dine at Gaskel's, w. Bakewel &c


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20.10.1810 mrs Wyman calls / 22.10.1810 Wyman calls / 5.11.1810 mrs Wyman calls / 11.12.1810 again / 1.1.1811 again / 15.1.1811 call on Wyman (not seen) / 4.3.1811 Wyman calls / 5.3.1811 mrs Wyman calls

These entries can be read as Godwin wavering between using mrs or not for one female, or as alternating between a male and a female Wyman, in this case perhaps a widow and her stepson (see below)..

Only London entry for Wyman in Holdens directory 1811 Francis Wyman calenderer 71 Queen-st Cheapside. (A calenderer smoothed paper or cloth by pressing it through rollers).


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19.10.1810 dine at St Paul's, w. Bonnycastle,  Armiger &c

Probably Thomas Jeremiah Armiger 1781-1844 surgeon, directory 1805 Lothbury, directory 1811 Woolwich (where Bonnycastle was Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Military Academy). In 1811 he became surgeon and accoucheur to the Eatern Dispensary, London and surgeon to the Duke of Kent. In 1827 he became a surgeon to the London Hospital


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14.10.1810 Staveley calls / 16.10.1810 again / 17.10.1810 again / 1.11.1810 Staveley calls: Staveley sups / 11.1.1811 write to Staveley / 14.10.1816 Staveley calls / 13.3.1819 Staveley calls (not seen) / 16.3.1819 Staveley calls / 17.3.1819 again / 13.4.1819 Staveley au soir

No clues. Could have been one of the below

Edwards (Oswestry)

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12.10.1810 Edwards (Oswestry) calls

Likely to have been William Edwards bookseller of Oswestry from 1792 to 1812 (bbti). But Edwards was a common name in Oswestry, including the vicar Rev Turner Edwards, a goldsmith, a mercer and three innkeepers in Holdens directory 1811.


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11.10.1810 call on Dawe; adv. White, Wilson & Philip / 1.7.1830 dine at Judkin's, w. Wilson & Philip / 13.11.1831 T(homas) T(urner) & Philip jr au soir


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9.10.1810 Baptist's Head; Tabart, Espinasse &c

Isaac Espinasse DNB 1758-1834 or his brother Robert 1774-1840 both special pleaders


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18.9.1810 call on Cherry / 26.12.1812 again / 8.1.1814 again

Perhaps the Rev.Thomas Cherry head master of Merchant Taylors School 6 Suffolk-lane Upper Thames-st, and vicar of Loose, Kent. Godwin may have been supplying him with educational books, or trying to.