Godwin Diary

Godwin, Philip Hull

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 7 August, 1791

The Godwin Diary website editorial notes call him an older brother but he was in fact a younger brother. His birth date and those of his wife and children are given in his letter of 1829 (Abinger c.13 f74v). Philip Hull Godwin married Ann Dunnet Raven on 6.3.1793 at Themelthorpe, Norfolk.


Wilcocke, Samuel

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Monday, 19 October, 1795

sup at Cooper's w. Wilcocke's 19.10.1795 / Wilcocke at theatre 3.9.1796 / call w. Cooper on Wilcocke 12.9.1796 / E P Cooper's funeral, Wilcocke jr 24.2.1803 / Cooper & Wilcocke call 2.4.1803 / Cooper & Wilcocke dine 5.4.1803 / dine at H(annah) G(odwin)'s w. G M C(ooper), mrs & Geo. Wilcocke / 22.1.1804 Dr Wilcocke dies / 2.2.1804 Wilcocke calls / dine at L Knapp's w. Wilcocke, G M C(ooper) 17.2.1804 / Wilcocke dines 18.2.1804 / mrs Wilcocke dies 27.2.1805 / Wilcocke at tea 25.3.1805 / G Wilcocke invité 1.1.1807 / G Wilcocke adv.

Cooper, Grace Mary

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 13 July, 1788

1.2.1796 mrs C at Holcroft's / 21.2.1796 again / 26.8.1796 mrs C calls / 25.11.1796 adv at miss Mansel's / 23.10.1797 at theatre / 14.12.1797 at theatre. All these clearly her but missed in GD website / 18.5.1798 M C dines may also have been her

Steel, Jeremiah

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 26 February, 1804

Steel, baker. 26.2.1804, 27.2.1804 (mrs Steel)&(writes to Steel).
Jeremiah Steel, baker of Lewes (PCC 1819)and his wife Lydia (PCC 1832). They were Quakers and probably known to Godwin through Thomas Clio Rickman who had been ejected from the Lewes meeting for marrying outside the Society. Steel and William Balcombe Langridge (qv) were both subscribers to Rickman's book of poetry.



First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Tuesday, 24 October, 1797

Lea 24.10.1797
Joseph Godwin was agent to the carpet manufacturer brothers Francis and Thomas Lea of Kidderminster whose London warehouse was at 10 Bagnio Court (oldbaileyonline E18040912-86). Lea appeared in the diary on 24.10.1797, 27.10.1797, 29.10.1797, 30.10.1797, 4.4.1798, 25.1.1801, 9.8.1801, 18.2.1803 and 17.9.1803 often with Joseph Godwin, and was mentioned in Joseph Godwin's letter to Godwin of 16.7.1801 (Abinger c.7 f49). The GD website has been edited to take account of my information on the Leas but missed the entry on 30.10.1797 Lea's